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I will not add a new article about the Las Vegas CES 2011 show. But we can say that this year all records were broken. The Las Vegas show in figures:

  • 30,000 attendees
  • 2,700 hightech companies exposed
  • 80 different delegations
  • 22 top CEO participating in keynotes.
  • 250 sessions with 900 speakers

This just sound amazing. I could choose to talk about the 80 new tablets launch (and I am not talking about the iPAd2) but I prefer to talk about a small, I should say Slim beautiful pieces of luxury technology. These little wonders are called the Victorinox Victorinox_Slim_with_BladesSlim and the Victorinox Slim Duo. The maker of the original Swiss Army knife place himself as the Prince of Multi-functionality. It is amazing to see what you can have out of a Swiss Army Knife! We are far away from camping or hunting. Here Victorinox is opening the path of a new type of product, both elegant and useful. Most of the time, either we have a great USB drive with great technology and reliability but it is ugly or we can have beautiful Swarovski USB keys but the technology behind is out-dated. Here Victorinox presents what we could call Practical luxury.

The Slim and Slim Duo is a beautiful USB Drive built in a Swiss Army Knife shelf. They are waterproof, shock resistant and available in a range of colors including red, blue, orange, pink, green and silver. The memory capacity is up to 64GB for the Victorinox Slim and 128GB for the Victorinox Slim Duo. Note some interesting additional features:

  • Automatic Back-up Function
  • Zero-Footprint capability to ensure anonymity while web surfing
  • Bookmarks and Favorites Manager
  • Synchronize your documents and folders between more than one computer
  • Synchronize Office Outlook or Outlook Express files
  • Password Manager



The slim metal-dressed usb drive reveals an exquisite elegance. Who said technology goes with lack of taste?

Totally Geek or Design freak?

This tool is essential in todays world. The Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo are simply a piece of great technology with a cutting-edge design. Available in April 2011.

I want one!