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It’s a well-established fact that leather jackets, especially for men, are one of the most preferred choices of outerwear due to their astounding versatility, impeccable charm, and incredible stylishness.

With the advent of time however, leather jackets have evolved so much that a plethora of different styles and colors have completely dominated the scene. One of these styles is the leather bomber jacket. Nowadays men are inclined more towards a casual, yet effortless look and a bomber jacket delivers just that.

Originating from a military background, bomber jackets also known as flight jackets, were first made by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 for the WW II pilots to keep warm and comfortable in the otherwise harsh weather. The airplanes back then had open-air cockpits which made the weather almost unbearable for the pilots. However, they quickly became an integral part of pop culture because of their inherent stylishness and is also known as one of the earliest designs of leather jackets that transitioned from military to civilian wear.   

In this article, you will find 10 bomber leather jacket outfit ideas that we have personally picked out for you. Men may get confused on how to style a leather jacket appropriately, but rest assured we have simplified an outfit guide just for you. So, without further ado, let’s get styling!

Outfit #01: Go Casual

There’s nothing better than an outfit that is styled with minimalistic effort yet is presentable enough. When we think about bomber jackets, the first outfit idea that instantly comes to mind is a traditional casual outfit. opt for neutral-colored tees like gray, black, and brown so that you can wear them more frequently. Choose earthy toned combinations and put together a look that is equal parts sophistication and charm. Pair your white-washed denim jeans and a white tee with a black bomber jacket. For added effect, you can incorporate your own personality and individual flair into the look by adding appropriate accessories like jewelry and watches. Slip on a pair of sneakers to finish off the look and there you have it, the perfect look for a casual day out.

Outfit #02: Try Unconventional Hues

When we think about bomber jackets, the colors regarding them that instantly come to mind are either black or brown. It’s the same for any other person in this world because these two colors are the traditional hues for a lot of different clothing articles as they are the most prominent colors in the fashion industry. They may be the standard colors for leather outerwear however you’re truly missing out by not opting for the unlimited variety of colors and designs of bomber jackets. If you want to step out of your comfort zone yet not stand out, go for a blue colored bomber paired with trousers and a crew neck. However, if you want to go bold from the get-go, opt for a red bomber with denim jeans and a white crewneck.

Outfit #03: Pair them with Polos

Polos are considered as one of those clothing articles that instantly make you look poised and elegant. They are a great alternative to your everyday tees and crewnecks and can make your outfit appear to be more presentable. Pair a colored leather bomber jacket with a black colored polo so that the highlight is on your jacket. The black polo will make a contrast with the colored jacket and will give a laid back yet cool look to your outfit. If you’re feeling crazy for the day, opt for a red colored bomber, however if you want to keep things slow and minimal, go for a brown bomber. Finish the combo off with chinos and you are ready for a crazy night out.

Outfit #04: With Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are winter essentials for both men and women, and our wardrobe is incomplete without this timeless piece of clothing. Giving off trendy and semi-casual vibes, this piece of attire is incredibly charming and sophisticated. Turtlenecks have a luxurious feel to them and are elegant yet simple. Pair a brown bomber jacket with a cream-colored turtleneck and denim jeans. This outfit is the remedy for perfection as both the bomber and turtleneck complement each other very well. Top off your look with suede leather boots to elevate your outfit. You can style this ensemble for a romantic date night or a semi-casual day at your office as it works well with both.

Outfit #05: Combine with Dress Shirts

Just like turtlenecks, dress shirts are also considered as a wardrobe essential for men. They are an instant uplift to your outfit because of their elegant and sophisticated nature. To make your outfit look polished and clean, combine a bomber jacket with a dress shirt. Slip on a pair of dress pants to further elevate your look and finish off your ensemble with Chelsea boots. Depending on your preference, you can trade the dress pants for trousers, and you can also add in a tie if you want to make the outfit appear appropriate for office wear.

Outfit #06: Go Smart Casual

Although a bit unconventional, bomber jackets work well for smart casual occasions. The key point to note here is to select a sophisticated neutral color for the bomber jacket and style the rest of your outfit in such a way that your casual bomber jacket appears elevated and polished. Try pairing your black bomber jacket with a pair of chinos and a printed collared shirt. Top the ensemble off with a footwear that is formal but doesn’t appear too dressy like loafers. 

Outfit #07: The Monochrome Look

Being the most prominent color in the fashion industry, black is everyone’s favorite especially when it comes to clothing. This outfit is extremely easy to style and never fails to impress because of its stylishness and intimidating charm. Pair a black bomber with a black v neck and black ripped jeans for the ultimate mysterious look. The black pieces of clothing will bind the look together with an aura of masculinity. When opting for the footwear, go for black Chelsea boots and get ready to dominate with your rugged looks.

Outfit #08: Layer it Up for Winters

Depending on the fabric of the bomber jackets you can easily incorporate them in your winter outfits. For harsh weather, layering up is the key. The ability to layer up your clothes is an integral part of dressing as it needs finesse and elegance. Try pairing your bomber with a sweater, layered over a simple tee, and top it off with slacks and suede leather boots. To further elevate your outfit, throw in a scarf and you have the perfect outfit for a cold winter morning.

Outfit #09: Flannels

Although flannels are known to be worn as an outerwear piece, the great thing about them is that they can be worn as a middle layer. You can also add texture to your outfit without it looking like you’re trying too hard. Pair your tan bomber jacket with a patterned flannel and dark washed denims or a casual yet stylish look. Top off the look with suede boots and a beanie.

Outfit #10: Graphic Tees

While plain tees are standard and everyone loves them, graphic tees are on a league of their own. They’re comfortable, stylish, and are available in a myriad of different colors and designs, Pair a leather bomber jacket with a graphic tee and jeans. If you want to dress up your outfit, swap the jeans for a pair of trousers and elevate your look by wearing a pair of loafers.

To Conclude

It remains an undeniable fact that a bomber jacket always delivers, and they are here to stay for a long time. Their versatility, timelessness, and stylishness all add to their impeccable charm and are some of the reasons as to why they’re loved all over the world. 

This was our take on 10 bomber jacket outfit ideas; however, you should always remember that these ideas aren’t limited to this. You can try styling your own outfits, mix and match, and find out what works best for you. 

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