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There are a great many cosmetic procedures out there that many people think about at one point or another when they want to enhance their appearance or treat a medical issue. Some of these have always been incredibly popular and others’ popularity has been enhanced in recent years. As such, here are some of the top cosmetic procedures whose popularity has grown in the past couple of years. 

Hair Transplants 

Hair transplants have started to become more popular since their techniques have improved and since they started to leave little to no scarring. Hair transplants can be a great permanent solution when someone is struggling with long-term hair loss due to chemotherapy and cancer drugs, alopecia, male or female pattern baldness, or natural aging. As such, if you are unhappy with the results of hair loss medications and natural remedies, you should consider looking into whether a hair transplant from clinics like could be the right option for you. However, you should always conduct ample research and speak to a trustworthy professional before deciding to opt for a cosmetic procedure

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Nowadays, there are a great many different ways to smooth out your skin and make it look more youthful, whereas in the past, many people were only able to choose Botox if they were unhappy with the way that they looked. Dermaplaning can be a great solution for those who are looking for a non-permanent solution to reduce the lines, wrinkles and scars that are cropping up on their face. After the procedure, you may find that your skin feels fresher and that the rate of new cell production is increased. Any side effects from this procedure are usually temporary and only include redness of the face and some spots a few days after the procedure has been completed. 

Laser Teeth Whitening

Many people want their teeth to be whiter and are unhappy with them if they are yellow or stained. However, while it is normal not to have completely white teeth, if you find that you are not smiling your natural smile because you are wary about showing your teeth and decide that you do not want to use home whitening kits, you should consider whether laser teeth whitening could be the right option for you. During the procedure, bleach is placed on your teeth and then a laser is shone onto this bleach to get the whitening process started. This can then leave you with dazzlingly white teeth within no time at all. 

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Laser Hair Removal 

Many people are on the lookout for ways to make their daily routine much faster and many people find that shaving takes up a lot of time that they simply do not have. In cases like these, laser hair removal can be a great option as it can allow you to have a smooth body, including your legs and armpits, with none of the daily effort that is usually required by you to keep your body free from hair. However, you will have to return every month or two to prevent this hair from growing back. 

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