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There are many aligner treatments out there that promise a perfect smile, however, one aligner company stands out from the rest. Byte is becoming the most popular clear aligner for a multitude of reasons. Not only will you receive great results, Byte provides an overall great experience while you are using their treatment. With their amazing results combined with their customer experience it is no wonder why Byte is becoming the most popular clear aligner on the market. Here are six reasons why you may want to consider Byte. 

1. Access to a Dental Network 

Byte’s system is a Dentist or orthodontist-led treatment, meaning that before you start the treatment you will consult with a dentist or orthodontist within Byte’s network. Not only will you have your impressions analyzed by a professional, but you will receive ongoing monitoring by a professional as well. If you have any questions or concerns Byte has a built-in healthcare system in place to help you along your treatment plan. These dentists and orthodontists are available seven days a week and ready to help you. 

2. See Results faster 

Byte’s program has helped their customers see results faster than Byte’s competitors. Part of this is through Byte’s innovation and introduction of Hyperbyte. Hyperbyte comes in both Byte’s all-day aligner plan as well their all-night aligner plan. Hyperbyte uses High Frequency Vibration (“HFV”) technology that can cut your treatment time in half. This FDA approved medical device uses micropulses that transmit through the roots of the teeth, and results in more accurate teeth movement. Which helps speed up the results of your alignment treatment. 

3. Flexible Plan Options

Unlike other companies, Byte has options based on your preference. If you don’t want to wear an aligner all day when you’re out and about, you can choose to only wear them at night. Byte offers an all-day aligners plan as well as an all-night aligners plan. With the all-day aligners your treatment time will be around three to four months and you are expected to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. With the all-night plan your treatment will take a bit longer, around six months, but you are only expected to wear the aligners for ten hours at night when you are sleeping. 

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4. Might be covered by insurance and a lifetime guarantee 

Most dental insurance will not directly cover Byte treatment, but Byte will work with you to file a claim with your insurance to receive a reimbursement. Not only will Byte help you with your insurance claim, Byte also comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your teeth move after your treatment, Byte will make sure to get your smile back with no additional costs to you. You really don’t have much to lose if you use Byte’s clear aligners. 

5. Get a whiter smile as you straighten your teeth

Byte is not just dedicated to making your teeth perfectly straight, Byte also will help you brighten your smile throughout your treatment. Byte has introduced Brighterbyte, it is a foam insert you spray into your aligners that helps whiten your teeth. Brighterbyte is a safe and effective treatment that whitens your teeth without causing unnecessary tooth sensitivity. Not only does Brighterbyte effortlessly whiten your teeth, but it will fight against bacteria as you wear your aligners. It kills the bacteria that leads to bad breath and tooth decay. 

6. Convenient 

Byte is one of the most convenient alignment treatment programs on the market. Byte will provide you with an at home impression kit that their dentist network will use to create your aligner treatment. You won’t have to go anywhere to do your initial impressions. With Byte’s network you get access to teledentistry right from your own home seven days a week. Teledentistry is not only convenient but it helps save you time and money. Additionally, Byte has convenient payment plans to help save your wallet. You can start your treatment with as little as $83 a month. 

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