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You know how it is that you get this great idea for a camping adventure and then realize that you don’t have nearly enough gear to make the trip worthwhile? Happens all the time, right? Read below for a list of six useful tools that you need to have when camping. Because let’s face it, if your camping adventure is going to be fun for everyone in your party, then you’re going to need some equipment that isn’t just there for looks! The items in the list are affordable, easy to find in most hardware or outdoor sporting goods stores, and will probably last you beyond more than one camping trip. They also have many different alternative uses so even if someone in your party doesn’t plan on going camping again, they’ll still find a use for them when working around the house!

Multi-tool [$15-$30]

Every time you step out into nature, there is a chance that you might need to do some quick repairs on your gear or clothing. There’s nothing worse than being in this situation and not having any tools at hand to make a quick fix because you didn’t bring anything with you. Outdoor enthusiasts from know the significance of this situation. That is why a tool that helps you prepare for unexpected events outdoors should be always brought along. A multi-tool has a wide variety of uses such as cutting rope, tightening loose screws, prying open seemingly stuck objects, opening bottles and cans easily just to name a few common ones. So that means that even if you don’t bring it on a camping trip, you can still find some good use for it around the house!

Folding Saw [$10-$20]

One of the most important tools to have when going out on a hiking adventure is a folding saw. See how it can help with so many issues such as making firewood and cutting small branches to make your cooking fire be more effective? You’ll need this one when you want to cut down small trees and medium sized shrubs in order to start your campfire quickly and effectively. A folding saw is very easy and portable to carry around along with other gear so we recommend that every camping enthusiast should pick up at least one of these bad boys.

Portable Solar Chargers [$30-$50]

This product is one of the most useful tools when camping because it is so versatile. You can use this charger to charge your lamps, cameras and even your phone. On camping trips where you go out in large groups and stay for a couple days, this device can help anyone who gets left in the dark without access to electricity. This device makes sure that all of your electronic devices stay working and don’t go dead when you need them most.

Portable Power Strip [$25-$50]

A power strip with USB ports is another accessory that every camper should take along on their next outdoor adventure. It’s especially beneficial when there are multiple people in a group going out together- everyone will be able to recharge their phones, tablets and other gadgets at the same time! Plus you can use it as a regular extension cord for indoor purposes as well. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power when you’re trying to snap those perfect camping photos from your phone!

Compact LED Headlamps [$10-$20]

This one should definitely be on every list of essential tools because it is so helpful in a wide range of situations. Source:

It’s basically a flashlight attached right onto your head where you can easily direct its light towards any area you might need to see clearly . So if nighttime comes early or if someone else in your party is out gathering wood for the fire, being able to see what you’re doing will be a lot easier! Another good thing about this headlamp is that it’s not bulky or heavy so you can wear it for hours on end.

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Portable LED Lanterns [$20-$30]

These lanterns are an upgrade from flashlights because they provide 360 degrees of even lighting and can easily light up any large area that you might need it in. Not only that but these lights also last longer than standard flashlights without having to constantly change their batteries and they come with additional optional features (such as a flashlight on one side and on the other side there is a hanging loop). So if your camping site gets really dark at night and you don’t want to go to bed just yet, whip out your lantern and hang it up so that everyone can enjoy its lights. As long as these 6 tools are in the arsenal of every camping enthusiast then there should be no problem when it comes to gathering wood for a fire or looking for something important at night time!

So now that you know what tools are essential to have when going camping, go out and try it! You’ll never want to turn back once you’ve experienced the outdoors first hand.

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