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Buying a creative and unusual gift for your loved one can be quite challenging, especially if they have a quirky taste. For some, it is simply impossible to choose different and out-of-the-box present ideas as they likely possess everything you can think of. The idea is to dive deep into the core interests and passions they rarely talk about. Here are some clever ideas to surprise your loved ones with an unusual gift on their next special occasion.

1- A Musical Instrument

Whether it’s a family member or close friend, a musical instrument will surely ignite their passion for music. If they’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, now is the time to give them one. Music helps people get in touch with their emotions and explore their creative side. With a musical instrument by their side, they can become more self-aware and gain confidence. It also gives them an excuse to practice every day, thereby improving their skill. Needless to say, you will surely be proud to see them play their favorite musical instrument.

2- Plan a Day Trip

Take your loved one out on a day trip and include all the activities they like. It can be a road trip, a day out at the spa, or an adventure at an amusement park. If there is a particular activity you like to do with your friends or family members, make it a priority in your schedule. A day out with your loved ones will not only impress them but also help you strengthen the bond you share. If you have a proper budget, you can take a baking or painting class together, play laser tag, and end your day with a nice meal at your favorite restaurant.

3- Make Them a Comic Book

If your loved one is a comic book nerd, they will definitely like the idea of having a personalized comic book that tells their story. Turn them into a vampire, a superhero, or any other main character of their favorite comic book setting. If you can, create a storyboard on your own and try illustrating the characters in your own style. However, if you’re not confident in your artistic skills, you can place an order to custom comic bookmakers and present a rough storyline along with your expectations. You can get this custom comic book through email or as a printed canvas.

4- Buy a Small Plot

To your surprise, you can now buy and gift a small plot to your loved one without breaking your bank. Some places like Ireland are trying to conserve their land and selling as little as 1 square foot of land to interested buyers. In turn, these plots can collectively create a nature reserve, which can help preserve the environment. The plot can also be passed on to the next generation, which is an additional benefit. If you have a higher budget, you can buy two plots at once, which will ideally be allocated side to side.

5- Get Them a Monthly Magazine and Goodies Subscription

Today, monthly magazine and goodies subscription boxes have become quite common. However, not everyone is aware of this concept. If your loved one has an interest in a specific topic or subject, you can look for a subscription box that aligns with their taste. You can find a subscription box for almost every kind of interest like wine, skincare, sports, chocolates, coffee, jewelry, etc. By getting a yearly subscription, your loved one can feel your love and thoughtfulness every month. Since there are several subscription boxes to choose from, narrow down your options by comparing the products’ quality and your budget.

6- Turn an Audio File into Art

If your loved one and you often bond over music, a specific song, or a quote you both relate to, you can turn that audio file into art and give them this precious memory to cherish forever. You can find a service provider or record your audio file at home to convert it into art or text using recording software. This program will convert your audio into a soundwave, which can then be screenshotted and edited in design software. Add visuals, graphics, and colors to the soundwave to make it more attractive. You can also trace it and illustrate it on paper to get it framed.


These clever gift ideas will surely blow your loved one’s minds and bring you closer to them. Most of these ideas are inexpensive. Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday or a special occasion, get one of these presents for them to strengthen your bond.

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