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When out shopping the last thing we want to do is to blend in, to simply be another face in the crowd, or even worse, be average. No, thank you. What you want is to be the one everyone wishes they had the style of, to be the role model of confidence by dressing well, and the best way to do that is with customized footwear.

It is easy to grab a pair of shoes off the shelf and wear them as is, but isn’t that what everyone is doing? Why not go that little bit further and have the shoes you like the most parts and details of, and tailor them to your ultimate style and personality?

All about the details

There is an old saying that goes ‘the devil is in the details,’ and this couldn’t be truer when we are looking at customized footwear. We are seeing so many brands and companies offering this service to their clients and customers, they understand the need to be unique and to set themselves apart.

Think about the material, you could have something soft and smooth that molds to your foot like leather or suede, perhaps change up the color to something brighter, more bespoke for that particular shoe style to take you over the top. And to bring it home, do not forget about the stitching and thread.

The colored or unique thread and stitching on a shoe show that you have thought of all the details from the beginning to the end and that you have the style to make bold choices. A contrasting color stitching can elevate a shoe, and custom shoes are increasingly leading the way for the future. Set the trend, don’t follow it.

Why customized shoes are better

The fact that your shoe is nothing like the mass-produced version is already a step in the right direction, but there are more advantages to setting the tone and making your new pair of shoes your own, and essentially, one of a kind, and here’s why:

  • Design of choice – You may have seen the perfect shoe but what prevented you from buying them may have been the heel, or the way the logo sat, and so ended up not getting them. Now choosing the design that you love in a customized shoe lets you ‘have your cake and eat it too.’
  • Unique – This goes without saying as custom shoes are like no other. And whether they are bold and bright, or chic and simple, adding intricacies of details and omitting them when needed will give you that authentic look you are looking for.
  • Fit – Too often a shoe in the right size can still feel stiff and leave you uncomfortable, but by substituting the material for a softer, more forgivable kind you can enjoy your new bespoke shoes that mold to your feet, not the other way around.
  • Comfort – Going hand-in-hand with the fit, is comfortability. Adding additional support to the inner soul of the shoe or a lower heel will give you the stability and support you need while preventing leg cramps. These small details not only adapt the shoe perfectly to your needs, but you will feel the difference compared to generic, mass-produced shoes.
  • Quality – By paying that little bit extra for a quality product means you can enjoy them for longer, and investment in shoes that fit, feel, and look great is priceless when it comes to longevity. Sure the suede material and tweed thread cost a little more, but when it comes to a custom shoe and setting yourself apart from the crowd, it’s a small price to pay.

The right fit

At the end of the day having a love for shoes is one thing, but too often people think that custom shoes are only for the rich and lavish, but it’s not. A custom shoe, irrespective of the style is easily affordable these days using small details and will last you longer while remaining unique.

It not only shows a side of your personality without having to say a word, but the feel of a custom-fit shoe makes you feel great, this confidence is infectious, and most likely why the customized footwear trend is taking off.

Investing in great-fitting shoes tailored to your bespoke style is a decision you will be glad you made once you see them, walk in them, and better yet, receive compliments on them. Take that first step.

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