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When you’re in the middle of some DIY, the last thing you want to do is stop and buy a tool for the job you’re doing. You could potentially spend hours looking in hardware stores for the tool or tools that you need. This is why it makes sense to have a DIY kit that contains everything you need. 

Below, you will find details of all the things you need so you can start and continue with your DIY project. 

A Tool Bag 

A tool bag is the first thing that you need to purchase. The good news is that you don’t need to have a heavy, metallic tool bag or box. There are many really strong fabric tool bags out there that work well. Try to find one with a lot of pockets and enough space for all of your tools. Ideally, your new tool bag should be a little bigger than you think you need. 

A Screwdriver 

It’s not always easy to know what type of screwdriver you should buy. There are a lot of different screwdrivers out there, however, you should ideally buy a 6-in-1 screwdriver, for example. A screwdriver that comes with many different heads should suffice. 

A Tape Measure

There’s no point even attempting a DIY project if you don’t have a tape measure. Buy 2 so if one breaks or gets lost you have one to spare. You don’t need to buy the most expensive tape measures, just 1 or 2 that are quite robust. 

Some Glue

Every DIY project needs even the smallest amount of glue. There are some great products and helpful hints out there that show you what type of glue/adhesive you need for each job. Make sure you have as many as you think you’ll need. 

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A Utility Knife 

A utility knife is essential in any toolbox. Just make sure you purchase one that has a lot of replaceable blades. Chances are, you’ll use a utility knife more often than you think. 

An Adjustable Wrench 

Adjustable wrenches typically take the place of 6-8 regular wrenches. Have one in your tool kit and you’ll be able to undertake a wide variety of tasks. 

A Hammer

Everyone knows that you need at least one hammer in your tool kit. You should, ideally, have at least one claw hammer. Hammers such as these will help you to undertake a lot of different tasks. The claw part of the hammer will allow you to pull out nails, making it an even more useful tool than you think. Opt for a claw hammer that weighs about 16 to 20 ounces. 

Hex Keys 

Hex Keys are ideal if you need to quickly torque something. You can usually find a range of hex keys in different sets. Try to buy a set that comes with many different sizes. You may want to consider buying at least 2 sets so you have the right size hex keys when you need them. A lot of your furniture is likely to come with hex bolts, so it makes sense to have hex keys in stock. 

Some Pliers 

Pliers are likely to be some of the most useful tools to have in stock. Opt for cutting pliers, tongue-and-groove pliers, and the slip joint and needle nose pliers. If that wasn’t enough, you should also consider purchasing cutting pliers as they will allow you to cut through almost anything. 

Having the essentials in your tool kit will enable you to get on with your DIY project. It’s likely that you will need to add more tools over time, but for now, the above tools should suffice. 

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