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At the beginning of 2021, non-fungible tokens began to gain popularity in the world. By 2022, a whole independent NFT industry has formed. This is evidenced by the growth in trading volume on the largest NFT marketplace – OpenSea. The NFT gaming sector is actively developing. In addition to digital art, many other things can be transformed into NFT tokens, for example, real estate, promotional offers and legal contracts. We bring to your attention an overview of the most unusual and interesting NFT tokens that currently exist.

NFT Tweet


Former CEO and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, put up for sale in the form of a non-fungible token the very first publication on the social network. Sina Estavi, founder of Bridge Oracle, bought this NFT for $2.9 million.

NFT Event 


In the middle of summer 2021, Coca-Cola came up with the idea to present the NFT collection for International Friendship Day, which is celebrated on July 30th. Those who managed to buy tokens got access to the “box of friendship”. The Friendship Chest is a soda machine-like box that randomly drops collectible virtual items.

NFT Script


Last year, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino decided to sell several cut scenes from Pulp Fiction as a non-fungible token. In addition to these scenes, the director sells the original handwritten script and his own audio commentary. On January 17 of this year, sales of NFT tokens from Tarantino started.

However, everything did not go as smoothly as the director wanted.Miramax has filed a lawsuit against Tarantino, accusing him of breach of contract, copyright and unfair competition. Despite this, Tarantino’s lawyer Brian Friedman denied all allegations and stated that his client has the right to issue NFT tokens based on the Pulp Fiction plot.

NFT Building


Last spring, Ivan Malpica placed an NFT token on the Mintable platform pegged to a fifty percent stake in a residential building.

The investor was going to solve all the legal issues that would be associated with the ownership of the house, by creating an LLC. His idea is that the buyer of the token and Malpik will be able to own real estate on equal terms.

NFT Yacht


The Metaflower digital boat is in The Sandbox and floats in the virtual world. In this metaverse, players can create, monetize, and sell virtual items. Thus, one of the users created a yacht and decided to sell it. He managed to earn $650,000. It’s funny that real yachts can cost much less.

NFT Monkey


In addition to successful NFT sales, there are also failures. One of them happened with an NFT picture, which turned out to be a financial loss for the cryptocurrency auctioneer. The Bored Apes collection belongs to the prestigious NFTs, the cheapest of which costs $210,000.

The auctioneer had a monkey numbered 3547. He planned to sell the painting for 75 ETH, or at least $300,000. However, before placing the lot, he made a mistake. Instead of the desired 75 ETH, a number of 0.75 was given. Such a low price was picked up by trading bots that are programmed to look for discounted goods.A certain person who saw such a profitable offer immediately began to act. He paid a fee of 8 ETH so that the transaction went through without delay. This was done to ensure that no one intercepted the goods. Everything happened in a matter of minutes.

World’s First NFT SMS


Neil Papworth, who is an engineer at Vodafone, sent the world’s first email to a colleague where he wrote “Merry Christmas”. This happened on December 3, 1992. The addressee was Richard Jarvis, it was on his Orbitel phone that the world’s first SMS came.

At that time, they could hardly have thought that their development would someday be sold for more than $100,000. However, at the Aguttes auction, Papworth’s message in the format of an NFT token was sold for $150,000. The buyer of the token decided to remain incognito.


The NFT market is quite extensive. Every day there are new projects, among which there can be quite strange ideas. However, you should not write them off, because there can be a buyer for each product.

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