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There may be a number of luxuries you’d like to have in your life that, at the present time, you are unable to afford. While these may not be as important as the essentials, they could still allow you to achieve your goals and feel happy about how far you have come. To be able to do so, you may want to consider some of the ways you might make those goals a little more feasible. This could involve not only adjusting the way you think of your money, but also how you go about dealing with different items.

Prioritise your saving

A simple way of increasing the amount of money you have at your disposal can be through setting up a savings account. When you open a Wealthify ISA, you may be able to gain a small amount of interest on the account each month. Although this may not initially seem like much, it could prove to be useful as the money grows. At present, the cap for an ISA may be £20000, giving you a decent amount of room to work with. Putting away a set amount of money each month, plus extra if your budget allows for it, could soon see it grow quite nicely until you have reached your financial goal.

Sell your unwanted items

Having a large number of possessions may not always be a good thing. You might find that, if you go through all the things you own, that there are furnishings, clothes, and even kids’ toys that are no longer of use to you. While donating them or throwing them out may be the first things you think of, you might also want to consider trying to get money for them. There are a large number of websites that cater to selling old items. You may be able to list them, preferably with photographs, for either postage or collection by the buyer. It does mean that you might need to hold onto them for a bit longer, but it could allow you to gain some extra money should someone take an interest in them.


Buy second-hand

It isn’t just the selling of old items that could allow you to have a larger number of luxuries in your life. You may be able to do the same when buying. This may be especially useful if you want to purchase something big or expensive, such as a different car. The difference between new and nearly new items can be rather substantial. At times, you could end up saving 50% simply by opting for a lightly used product. This way, you can still gain the luxuries you desire without needing to buy them for their original retail price.

Having luxuries in your life can make you feel like you have achieved something. By being a little bit smarter about how you buy, sell, and generally use your money, you might be able to make it easier to have the things you want in life.

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