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How many soda lovers out there are looking for a personal soda maker? Dreams have come true with the Glacier Fresh Sparklin™ Soda Maker. Glacier Fresh is a company with the sole motive of providing fresh and pure water to the people. They are leading manufacturers of water filters and have the industry’s best drinking water filters in the U.S. Having accomplished it, they have ventured into providing people with the best soda by introducing a personal soda maker, Sparklin. 

Unlike the other commercial soda makers from the store, the Sparklin™ Soda Maker gives users more personalized soda water as per customer’s requirement. Sometimes users can find people complaining that there is too much carbonation in canned soda or some might feel it to be less. But with Glacier Fresh Sparklin™, users can choose the carbonation level and get the perfect soda for themselves.

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The whole setup is very compact and sleek with user-friendly operation. Users don’t need to know anything complex or technical to use the device. It is made for everyone to use in his/her homes. At the front, users have a storage container and an LED display. While on the rear side, users can find the transparent water tank.

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The working of the soda maker is very simple. Users can detach the water tank and fill it up with fresh water. The tank capacity is 1.6L, so users can have at least 4 glasses of sparkling water. After filling up the water tank, users attach it to the soda maker at the back. Now, press the button below the LED display to fill the water into the storage tank. This water is now ready for carbonation. 

Users can find a handle on the side of the machine. Now pull down the handle to start carbonating the water. users can hold it down as per users need. When the pressure is too much, the machine will give out a beep and users can release the hold. The machine will automatically release the excess pressure in the storage tank. Once the water is carbonated, it is ready to be dispensed into a cup for enjoyment. users can find a small button on the storage tank. Just press it down to dispense the soda into a glass and enjoy every sip of it. In addition, the soda maker can make 6 Celcius cold soda and users can operate it with one hand. 

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The major benefit of this soda maker is its ability to provide chilled sodas. Yes! the Sparklin™ Soda Maker gives users cold sodas every time they want. Users don’t have to put ice cubes and water down the soda nor do users have to wait for refrigerating it. But the machine gives out cool sparkling water every time and at any time of the day instantly. 

This machine is not only good at producing sodas, but it is also very good at protecting the environment. With this revolutionary soda maker, users can avoid buying soda cans from the store and help save the environment from plastic or metal waste. An average American wastes about 425 cans per year which heavily impacts the environment in many ways. Also, for the manufacture of these cans, around 36 million barrels of crude oil are being used and the carbon emission from it is humongous. Therefore, switching to a home soda maker like Sparklin™ will preserve the earth for future generations.

Now enjoy an unlimited serving of fresh soda, self-made at home with the Glacier Fresh Sparklin™ Soda Maker. Users can create their own cocktails and mocktails and enjoy chilled sparkling water at any time of the day. Get a soda maker right away and save the environment from pollution. Check their Instagram account and follow for more:

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