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A dog and its activity level are not negotiable. It is simply that way since, by nature, dogs accumulate a large amount of energy, and we are the ones who must provide them with adequate time and space so that they can burn off all that energy load. Before you buy that cute teacup bulldog for sale, check up on a few things.

You should exercise your dog at least twice a day, offering brisk walks for approximately 20 minutes each. These signs are important because they are like a call for help, and we must pay attention to them and increase the activity of our pet.

For example, if the dog starts to shows the wrong attitude or behavior and starts chewing furniture, digging holes in the garden, or doing other damage to the house, it is most likely a sign that he is not, burning your energy properly. In addition to these destructive behaviors, another sign that your dog needs more exercise is non-stop barking at all hours of the day.

For this reason, we must provide our dog with sufficient time for exercise every day, adapting it to its breed, its age, and its state of health. Not all dogs are house pets; there are breeds of dogs that are used for different jobs. Among the breeds that do some jobs are sheepdogs, fox terriers, and terrier-type dogs, bulldogs, retrievers, Labrador retrievers, hunting dogs such as pointers, pit bulls, American Staffordshire terriers, and German shepherds.
These dogs require more exercise time to burn energy, due to their function, since their ancestors were working dogs. One of the walks of these breeds must be at least one hour a day.

The training of hunting breeds requires paying attention to both their physical development and their muscles, as well as exercising their sense of smell. The smell in these dogs is highly developed and using it on a daily basis contributes to their mental well-being.

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Some of these breeds such as pointers, Irish setters, greyhounds, hounds, and beagles can take two walks of between forty minutes and 1 hour, allowing them to run if possible. For this reason, huskies need to run for several minutes every day, if it is in the open field or in the mountains, that is all the better.

For these small dogs, two daily 30-minute walks are enough, and, ideally, we can take them out a third time, for less time. Dogs are animals that need a large space to run and burn energy.

Even if you live in a big house or have a patio, this will not be enough for your dog. He must have access to a place where he likes to run and play freely, outdoors, to burn energy and depress his spirit. For these dogs, slow to moderately paced walks will suffice for exercise. Games are an important part of physical activity so that the puppies can burn enough energy and develop psychologically.

Also, with a view to their correct socialization, it is a good concept to give the angels the opportunity to play with other dogs when they go outside, always making sure that they are calm dogs and do not pose a danger to our puppy.

One of the things you can do to help and stimulate your puppy’s physical activity is to carry some type of object or toy such as a ball. By nature, dogs drink a lot of water. When performing physical activity, they will require much more. You must keep their hydration in mind and bring water or stop at a fountain where you can refresh your puppy.

It is also a good concept to take a cookie or treat with you as a reward to condition and reinforce your puppy’s positive behavior when you are outside. For example, giving him a treat the first few days when he pees outside. Remember that if you are going to adopt a dog, you must have enough time to take care of it and this includes our sweet pet’s daily exercise.

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