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The use of metal debit cards has increased significantly over the last decade. This is mostly due to their functionality as fashion and style statements and partly due to their convenience and ability to offer additional concierge services. 

Here is everything you need to know about what they are and how they work.

What is a metal debit card?

Metal debit cards are simply debit cards made of metal or other material that is of value. It could be gold, palladium, titanium, copper, brushed stainless steel, or brass.

They are generally more durable than plastic debit cards and look more fabulous. But they’re also more expensive to produce and distribute, so you’ll pay a premium for carrying one in your wallet.

Meanwhile, they are designed to function as other payment cards. They can be used to make payments in stores (brick-and-mortar and online) and entertainment joints. 

History of metal debit cards

Debit cards were introduced in the late 1960s and were originally used to make store purchases. At first, debit cards were made of plastic and had magnetic strips that machines could read at registers. 

Today’s metal cards are very similar to this original design. However, without the magnetic strip–they still contain all the same information as their plastic predecessors, but now it’s on an electronic chip instead.

Benefits of having metal debit cards

  • Metal cards are more durable than plastic
  • Metal debit cards are more stylish than plastic.
  • Metal cards make you stand out from the crowd and can be customized to your liking. 
  • They offer concierge services, too!

Where to get a metal debit card

The best place to get a metal debit card is from a bank or credit union. You can also get a metal debit card from member clubs. Even in the emerging crypto debit cards, some brands are now issuing cool metal cards that one can use to HODL and spend their crypto. 

How to use a metal debit card

If you’re used to using a credit card, then a metal debit card should be no different. You can use it anywhere that accepts credit cards, which is everywhere. You just have to make sure that the place accepts Mastercard or Visa (or Discover).

How to protect your debit metal card

  • Keep your card safe – Just like any other payment card, you need to keep it where those who shouldn’t use it cannot access it. You should secure the PIN even more.
  • Don’t leave it in your wallet – It might be damaged, especially if you are likely to sit on it. 
  • Don’t let other people use it – no matter the case or situation, never share the card and the PIN with others.

If you do not have a PIN on your debit metal card, nothing stops someone from using it if they get their hands on it. You need to take extra precautions when handling it!

There’s everything you need to know about metal debit cards. They offer several benefits over traditional plastic cards, such as higher purchase limits and lower fees.

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