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As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, attention is turning towards the luxurious accommodations available in the city renowned for its elegance and history. With countless visitors expected, Paris has seen an unprecedented demand for high-end properties, each offering a unique blend of opulence, comfort, and prime location.

Paris’ luxury hotels ready for global spotlight

When it comes to hosting one of the most viewed sporting events globally, Paris pulls out all the stops. The French capital’s luxury hotel scene is ramping up to accommodate the influx of tourists, athletes, and dignitaries who will descend upon the city. To truly experience the grandeur of Paris during the games, many visitors are opting to rent a luxury apartment in Paris for a short term, enjoying the privacy and exclusivity that only such accommodations can offer.

M Social Paris stands as a prime example of the city’s evolving accommodation landscape. Occupying the former Millennium Hotel Paris, this establishment reopened in 2021 after a comprehensive renovation by the Millennium Hotels & Resorts Group. This marked the debut of their M Social brand in Europe, characterized by its contemporary flair and expansive rooms. Located at 12 Boulevard Haussmann, guests can expect generously proportioned suites, some reaching up to 55 square meters, seamlessly blending modern amenities with the architectural legacy of Haussmannian design.

Another notable mention is Saint James Paris, reborn in 2023 with a revitalized aesthetic thanks to interior designer Laura Gonzalez. Situated in the prestigious 16th Arrondissement, this villa offers four exquisite serviced apartments, each featuring its own outdoor oasis. The redesign combines neoclassical sophistication with playful Art Deco touches, ensuring an unforgettable stay just minutes away from the iconic Saint James Paris hotel.

Culinary delights: Dining in opulence

The vibrant culinary scene in Paris only heightens the allure of staying in the city during the Olympics. Several top-tier restaurants have become essential destinations for gourmands seeking unparalleled dining experiences. For instance, Monaco-born restaurateur Riccardo Giraudi’s Beefbar is a must-visit, located at 5 Rue Marbeuf in the heart of Paris. Opened in 2018, the establishment is famed for marrying 19th-century architecture with contemporary industrial design.

For those venturing to the acclaimed 8th arrondissement, Le Clarence Restaurant promises a memorable dining affair. Nestled at 31 Avenue Franklin D Roosevelt, this restaurant is part of the historical Hotel Dillon. Each dining room within Le Clarence exudes its own distinctive ambiance, whether it’s the elegant wood-paneled Pontac room or the serene Talleyrand room boasting views of the bustling kitchen below.

Exclusive venues and luxury living

In addition to premier hotels and restaurants, Paris presents numerous exclusive venues perfect for hosting viewing parties and social gatherings during the Olympics. For instance, located near the illustrious Champs-Elysées, The Hotel Norman captures the quintessence of Parisian glamour infused with understated elegance. Every corner of this boutique hotel, nestled at 9 Rue Balzac, is adorned with artistic nuances, including prints by Norman Ives and abstract motifs that lend character to the space.

With these distinguished properties and esteemed venues, Paris ensures that every visitor enjoys not only the thrill of the Olympic Games but also the lavish lifestyle the city is celebrated for. From historic renovations to innovative designs, the city offers a myriad of options that cater to the desires of even the most discerning guests. As preparations continue, one thing remains clear: Paris is poised to deliver an exceptional experience that blends the spectacle of the Olympics with the timeless charm of the City of Light.

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