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Regardless of the weather, one of the most timeless footwear every individual can wear is their boots. In the past, boots are often associated with cold weather or outdoor activities. However, modern fashion finds its way to make this type of footwear appropriate for all occasions. That’s why it is on top of the list of men and women when it comes to must-have shoes.

For men, wearing boots can be a little tricky. It may not look the part if you chose to wear the wrong type of boots for the occasion. Luckily for you, there are simple ways to remember to ensure that you will pick the right footwear for the day.

How to style your winter boots?

There are only a few types of boots or shoes for men, which is also one reason why it’s easier for men to pair their outfits with the right footwear. However, aside from the classic Chelsea boots, there are also other types that you can take a look at. In this article, we’ll list some of the best ways for you to wear your boots.

1. Lace-up boots make you sophisticated

If you are aiming for a more sophisticated look this winter, it’s best to wear lace-up boots. These are the classic style of boots that are often made with leather and has shoelace from top to bottom. This footwear can instantly transform your look from a casual day outfit to formal and elegant attire.

2. Go rugged with work boots

Winter means wearing layers of clothes. If you are somehow going on an outdoor trip, it’s best to consider wearing work boots. These are a more bulky type of boots that is more fit outdoors. One of the best things about this footwear is that it can be paired with all types of bottom wear. It also matches all types of casual attire.


3. Chelsea boots are flexible

Most men own Chelsea boots.  Chelsea boots are the minimalist version of work boots. It’s sleeker in terms of design and is more of a dress shoe if compared to women’s footwear. However, Chelsea boots are very versatile. It’s best to wear for both formal and casual winter attire. For instance, if you are wearing a formal trenchcoat, pairing it with Chelsea boots will be stunning. It also has the same impact when wearing a simple pair of jeans or a denim jacket.

4. Look formal with ankle boots

Ankle boots are a little bit higher in terms of size. This is why most men wear this type of boots during the winter, especially if they are wearing formal attire. Ankle boots are also often made with leather but, nowadays, designers are already releasing pieces made with other materials as well. Wearing ankle boots is one of the ways to look elegant during winter. It’s perfect for office attire and business meetings.

5. Combat boots to look more rad

You can never go wrong with combat boots for men. It is one of the most classic and epic designs of boots that most men prefer to wear. Combat boots are the sturdier version of lace-up boots. It is made with harder materials which makes it fit for extreme exposure outdoors. Originally, this footwear is made for men who basically work in construction or other outdoor-heavy jobs. But, of course, fashion makes sure that combat boots can also be worn anytime, even during winter.

6. Edgy yet classy biker boots

Regardless of whether you are a biker, wearing biker boots can be a good choice for the winter. It’s a modern way to look edgy yet classic at the same time. Biker boots are a combination of cowboy boots plus combat boots. It’s a lot sturdy since it is made for extreme rides, but at the same time, it has the elegance of leather. If you want to pull off a dapper look, these boots are certainly for you!

Taking care of your boots

Cleanliness is the first step in ensuring that your boots will always look good, especially if you are wearing them outdoors. To protect the outer components of your boots, it’s best to just give them a scrub with a soft brush at the end of the day. This is the best way to clean it especially, if it’s not too dirty.

However, if you wear your boots outside, it’s best to give them a good washing. The first thing that you need to do is to soak the laces in warm water with laundry detergent. After that, gently wipe your boots with a damp cloth just to remove the visible dirt. Once it’s wiped out, you can now start scrubbing a brush that was dipped in water to remove more permanent stains and dirt. After that, let both of those dry naturally.

As much as possible, avoid washing your boots often. This can be bad not only for the outer components of your shoes but also for its other parts. Simply wiping them at the end of each day is already enough to make sure that they will not accumulate any dirt and dust.

Are you ready for the winter? Make sure that you have the perfect pair of boots ready for all types of occasions. The tips listed above will surely help you look stunning and attractive at any time of the day.

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