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Your wedding has the potential to be one of the most uniquely wonderful memories of your entire life, which is why it’s so important that you do everything you can to make a plan that’s worthy of the wedding you’d like. 

There are many, many parts to the process of making a wedding plan like that, but this article aims to do what it can to help you through that process to create a truly perfect plan for a wedding like no other.

Plan with The Pros

The first step that you should take on your journey to plan the perfect wedding is to find a professional wedding event management service and work with them to get, at the very least, the basics of your plan set out for you. This way, you have a framework to build on and you could even continue to consult with that service throughout the process of developing your wedding plan.

Picking Out the Perfect Venue

Either way, once you’re ready to start making big decisions related to your wedding plan, you’ll want to start with your venue, since this will determine a lot about the visual character of your wedding and how you can best decorate it to bring out the beauty of the scene.

There are always plenty of options available for where you could have your wedding, but many of the best venues are booked up well in advance, which is why you should start picking out a venue as early as you can in the planning process. This way, you’ll have a lot more information to work with—both in terms of where your venue will be and how long it’s going to be until your actual wedding.

Finding the Right Floral Arrangements

Once you’ve settled on your ideal venue for the wedding, you can start to actually plan the details of your wedding; a process that’s probably best started by planning out your floral arrangements. These are going to be one of the most important decorations and will, in all likelihood, determine the theme and color scheme of the entire wedding, so you’ll want to make sure you choose well.

Of course, you’ll have plenty of options available to choose from as well, which is why you should take your time and really familiarize yourself with the range of options available to you. If you have something in mind, then there’s a strong chance that you’ll be able to find or commission an arrangement to fit that idea, so don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

Setting the Mood with the Right Music

Sound can be another incredibly important element of your wedding that can make or break the day. You and your partner will almost definitely have a range of songs with strong emotional meanings to them. So, take some time together and create a list of potential songs that might work for your wedding day, and then see if you can develop that into a list where each song complements the next.

Ideally, you should end up with a list where each and every song that is played has its own impact and place in the ceremony, each with their own personal meanings to you and your partner. After all, every element of your plan should be like a love letter to each other, and the music that is played on the day is no different.

Photo by Álvaro CvG

Providing Delicious Food

Speaking of love letters to one another, the food plans for your wedding day are another opportunity for you and your partner to plan a personalize moment of perfection together. If you’re careful, then you can create a menu that caters to all of your guests while still consisting of your and your new spouse’s favorite foods. A path to the heart through the stomach, if you will.

Choosing the Right Moment

The time of day might seem like a strange point to keep in mind when you’re planning your wedding, but the timing of your ceremony can be every bit as important to setting the scene as the location of your venue and the decorations you invest in. After all, light is an incredibly important contributor to the feeling and appearance of any day, and by picking your time of day carefully, you can control what kind of reaction that lighting will evoke.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be a major concern of yours during the planning process, but it’s something worth considering as you’re making your plans.

Consider Involving a Dress Code

As strange as it might sound, taking the time to lay out a dress code for your wedding can actually be a really good idea to help make sure that the pictures of your big day look truly spectacular. After all, one of the most important parts of image composition comes from the combination of color and cohesion, which is much easier to control if you have a solid dress code.

Of course, you don’t want to go too strict or specific with your dress code, but if you play it just right, you can get everyone to dress up in a style that suits the wedding and helps to make sure your day is just perfect in every way. From the start of the ceremony to the pictures in the photo album.

Photo by Marius Muresan

Finding a Photographer

Speaking of which, another important point that you might want to keep in mind when you’re planning your wedding is the photographer you’re going to hire. If you’re putting this much thought into the décor and design of your wedding ceremony, then it’s well worth spending a little more time finding the right photographer to immortalize the event.

So, you’ll want to make sure to look at the portfolios of your potential photographers to find someone who knows how to work with the style and framing of photos that you want. Be particular, this is the person in charge of capturing your memories, after all, so it makes sense that you’ll want to make the right choice.

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