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Design styles are an ever-growing matter, as new styles are being developed every day. Because of this, people often get confused about all the options out there when it comes to home design. To help you deal with the issue, we provide you an overview of some of the most famous interior design styles in 2023 to help you figure out which styles are trending the most this year.

Scandinavian and Art Deco

Scandinavian design merges simplicity and function with beauty and well-being. It is often considered a minimalist style, with a clean and cozy influence of nature in every aspect of it. It is the ideal design for people who want a constant feeling of homeliness and a simple and functional lifestyle.

This type of design emerged in the 1930s, thanks to many Scandinavian designers and architects such as Josef Frank and Alvar Aalto. The Scandinavian design is one of the most beloved design styles out there, having won the Lunning Prize in the ‘50s.

Art Deco – short for Arts Décoratifs – on the other hand, is characterized by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. In a sense, Scandinavian design and Art Deco can be seen as polar opposites. This style often brings exuberant shapes and extravagant color schemes.

Geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and bold colors are some of the most characteristic features of this style, which promotes an idea of high-end living and originality that will never go out of style.

OG Slick and Traditional Decor Style

The Og Slick style is a bit more acquired and less popular, but it has started gaining popularity these days. This style incorporates urban and graffiti influences into the interior decor and wall murals. It is quite a new type of style that targets younger generations and more urban living environments.

Bold graphics are a big part of this style, as the og-slick style often uses colorful graphics with characters and symbols in wallpapers, furniture, and artwork. This style is actually more of a mix of styles and is therefore considered eclectic. It mixes together elements of street art, pop culture, and contemporary design. This is what gives it its characteristic edgy aesthetic.

This style also uses custom artwork commissioned by popular graffiti artists who get inspiration from the streets and street art. This is a great style to use if you are into anything urban and contemporary.

Traditional home design is, again, the polar opposite of the og-slick style. The core concept of the traditional style is a sense of timeless elegance, which aims to bring a classic look to your home, often drawing inspiration from the Victorian, Georgian, or Colonial eras. There is a wide range of materials used in this style, but one of the most commonly used is definitely wood. Dark woods like mahogany, cherry, or oak are often used in furniture and even architectural details. 

The layouts of homes, when using this style, might look quite formal, as symmetry is one of the key concepts of the traditional home design style. Color-wise, this style uses subdued color palettes with muted and earthy colors, using shades of beige, cream, and other soft pastel choices. Fabrics like silk, velvet, and chintz are also frequently used to give rooms a classy atmosphere. This is the perfect style for you if you love a timeless look full of the colors and patterns found in history.

Of course, there are many other styles that people love, but these four seem to be the most popular so far in 2023. Interior design and decor is a world that is constantly moving towards new inventions, ideas, and combinations. Because of this, people often combine styles to find the best possible combination that is most suited to their needs and personal tastes.


With this short guide, you now know more about some of the most popular interior design styles this year, and you have a clear overview of their main traits and characteristics. There are many more sources you can explore on this matter, but this guide works as a useful starting point to help you navigate the world of interior design in the best way possible. 

Now, get out there and find the perfect combination of styles for your home and improve the overall aesthetic that works well for you during this autumn season. Autumn is the perfect time to carry out some renovations and put your decor skills into practice.

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