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If you’re a fashion trailblazer who also likes getting blazed, you can elevate your wardrobe with these cannabis-inspired fashion brands. Lighting up the scene with their buzzworthy designs, these brands have the perfect couture for cannabis connoisseurs.

From street-smart to chic, these brands are making bold, bud-focused statements. Check out our five favorite cannabis-inspired fashion brands and infuse your style with good vibes.

Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands

Whether your style is casual or over-the-top, you’ll love these lines.

Sundae School

A smoke-wear label born in Seoul, South Korea, Sundae School offers unique clothing with subtle allusions to cannabis. Their commitment to “going higher” has resulted in incredible popularity and the brand is expanding to California. They offer clothing for men and women, nonbinary people, and even dogs, with a focus on casual pieces that pop.

Stigma and Style

If you’re looking for affordable stoner fashion, look no further than Stigma and Style, perfect for those looking for casual clothes with witty hints at cannabis. Their “I Smoke Up Like This” robe and “Stoner” Supreme shirts are bestsellers. They also offer cannabis-inspired accessories, including a line of bags that are perfect for carrying flower or weed gummies. This upbeat brand is worth checking out.


Known largely for its collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame, DRO makes streetwear that can be rocked by men, women, and nonbinary folks. The brand makes dope sweatshirts, hats, graphic tees, and sweatpants, all prominently featuring the DRO logo. Minimalist and colorful, and perfect for chilling out while enjoying cannabis, DRO streetwear is sure to make a statement wherever you wear it.

Buy Weed From Women

Like DRO, Buy Weed From Women offers streetwear that prominently features the company’s name, along with the messages “support women” and “Free the people, free the plant.” You can purchase this brand online or in boutiques across the country. A portion of the proceeds on purchases from Buy Weed From Women goes to the New York City Food Bank.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned

There is no clothing brand like Sugarhigh Lovestoned. Creating fashion for femme-identifying people, Sugarhigh Lovestoned offers high-end items including lacy gloves, coveralls, and button-downs. With tongue-in-cheek, cannabis-related slogans like “Eat Your Greens” and “Thank you for pot smoking,” their sassy and stylish clothing has earned plenty of accolades. Although the brand is based in Hawaii and California, adults across the country can purchase their clothes online.

The Budding Cannabis Fashion Industry

Gone are the days of whispers and secretive nods to cannabis culture. Today, we celebrate the green revolution with color, creativity, and a whole lot of good vibes.

All these cannabis-infused fashion brands are rewriting the rules and recognizing cannabis as an important part of culture in the United States. Express your appreciation for cannabis and “toke” your style game to the next level.

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