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Regardless of how trendy they may be, crossbody bags are extremely practical. They can be worn over and under clothes, allowing you to easily carry all of your essentials conveniently and hands-free. 

The good news is brands understand that style is often as important as function, meaning you don’t have to compromise on either when diving into this new world of fashion accessories. With space for your phone, vape pens, and wallet, you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier. 

What to Look For

The perfect crossbody bag comes with compartments. Of course, your personal preference and needs determine the exact amount, but divided areas are an absolute must, even if a simple mesh pocket achieves it. This lets you throw your keys, phone, sunglasses, and wallet into your bag without the risk of anything getting damaged or scratched. 

Bags that zip shut will give you the peace of mind that nothing has accidentally fallen out or been lifted by an unwanted hand. A waterproof exterior is a bonus but not completely vital if you want to have a particular style or make. 

The size of the bag is another essential factor. Sling bags are meant to be worn comfortably and conveniently across the chest. Anything too large and bulky will be uncomfortable and impractical, while something too small won’t fit all your essentials. 

When to Wear Them

The beauty of a crossbody bag is that it is perfectly suited for any occasion. You can wear it while out doing errands, having Sunday brunch with friends, or for an evening out. They are particularly beneficial when traveling for storing your passport, air ticket, and travel money. 

Thanks to the many styles and materials available on the market, you will easily find the perfect option to suit your lifestyle and daily routine. 

Styles to Pick

If you are new to the world of crossbody bags and unsure where to start, finding the perfect choice can be a difficult task. But the process can be simplified by looking at your current style, the fashion trends you enjoy, and when you are more likely to need the bag. 

Moment Fanny Sling

Made from waterproof and recycled Kodra, the Moment fanny sling is the ideal crossbody bag for anyone wanting a reliable, functional, and stylish choice. It comes in five colors and is the perfect size with compartments to hold everything from your phone to your wallet, keys, and sunglasses. 

It is designed to contour around your chest and shoulder blades for a comfortable fit and is fitted with an extender to make place for items like a light jacket, water-sealed zips, and an adjustable strap. 

Photo de Viktor Bystrov sur Unsplash

Topo Designs Mountain Sling Bag

The Topo Designs Mountain Sling bag will be an appealing option for those wanting a great balance between activewear and city influence. It is made from 100% recycled lightweight nylon and is available in four colors. 

The bag has plenty of free space to hold items like lightweight rain jackets, water bottles, or snacks, but it also features enough compartments to keep your valuables safe. Furthermore, there is a hook to attach keys to prevent jingling while running or hiking. 

The North Face Field Bag

The North Face brand is famous for its high-quality activewear and outdoor clothing. And their Field bag offers the same quality and reliability that has long been associated with their clothes. The best part is that you can get as much use during your daily commute as you would on a walking trail. 

It is only available in two colors: neutral and chic black or vintage white, but you won’t be missing the lack of variety with these stylish shades. It will sit firmly across your chest when tightened correctly, while a loser fit will let it hang by your hip. 

Bellroy Sling

Bellroy is known for making top-quality backpacks, and their sling bags are no different. Made from woven nylon and available in seven colors, it is simple by design but extremely convenient. 

There is a front pocket to carry your phone or wallet, a soft-lined interior pouch for more valuable items, and a ring to attach your keys. If needed, it is big enough to store a water bottle for those hotter days. 

Lululemon Everywhere Bag

Lululemon is a famous women’s brand making stylish activewear, but they are also in the bag-making business, and their Everywhere bag is a big hit for all. It is simply designed but very solid, carries a decent amount, and comes in a sleek all-black or grey sage color, helping it perfectly match any outfit you hope to style it with. 

It is often sold out, so if you hope you get your hands on one, you will need to act fast once it restocks. 

Photo de erfan rahi sur Unsplash

Joshuvela Etna Sling

For an extra stylish choice, the Joshuvela Etna sling is an easy-to-carry bag made from nylon and Italian leather. It is manufactured in their independent San Francisco studio using military-grade materials. 

The hardware is all brass, while the nylon is waterproof and rip-resistant. The leather trim adds a touch of extravagance, elevating the overall look to a more sophisticated level, ideal for more formal occasions. The bag comes in three colors and is very lightweight, making it a dream to carry. 

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