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Want to become a car collector? There are a few skills you need to have in order to become one. The most important one isn’t finding rare and expensive vehicles, but rather knowing how to take care of the cars that you already have in your collection. 

Some of them are going to be rare models with few to no parts in the market. So, if anything happens to them, repairs are not an option. In this case, taking good care of what you have is your top priority and no other accessories can offer better luxury cars protection than a simple car cover and carpet car mat.

Why Do You Need a Car Cover and a Car Mat for Your Luxury Vehicle?

Car covers are not simply draped on for show. They provide actual protection from external elements. Even inside a well-sealed and furnished garage, there’s going to be a lot of dust and dirt particles floating through the air. These have a knack for settling on the exterior of your vehicle and slowly finding their way inside.

Clogging up air filters, settling on the interior, and even making its way into the engine, dust can have negative effects of its own. If you keep your collector’s model uncovered, you can expect all kinds of dust and other dirt particles to cause a variety of complications.

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The tight weave of a luxury car cover will prevent dust from getting through, settling on the exterior, then finding its way into the interior. Make no mistake; dust is microscopic and some particles will get through the car cover. But almost all of it will stay trapped outside, unable to dirty up the beautiful exterior finish of your vehicle. 

Car mats also work in the same vein, but while car covers focus on the exterior, mats are more about protecting the interior. When it comes to the age-old question of “how to protect your luxury car from damages?”, many seem to overlook the importance of car mats.

Imagine you’re giving your guests or even a potential buyer of your luxury collection. You invite them inside one of your prized possessions only for them to muck up the interior with their dirty shoes. Now you have to get the interior upholstery of your flooring and seats professionally cleaned, potentially damaging them even further and lowering the value of your vehicle.

By having car floor mats that cover the necessary area of the car’s interior, you can prevent such mishaps from taking place. Now, there is the issue of being unable to find car mats that fit rare car models. In this case, it’s best to get a custom one that can properly fit the area under the seats, covering as much of the space as possible and protecting it from dirt and damage.

Finding the Right Car Accessories for Your Collection

So now the question is how to find the right car cover and floor mats for your collector’s item. The car makers may sell custom-tailored car covers made specifically for your model, as well as floor mats that came with the original release. 

However, in cases where you cannot find the exact accessories for your vehicle, consider reaching out to custom car cover and car floor mat manufacturers, who can create one that meets all your specifications, both in terms of size and material. 

Additionally, even the highest quality car covers and floor mats are not a major investment and are quite reasonably priced. So, if you’ve just started a car collection, there’s really no reason not to get one for your vehicles.

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