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What’s the use of having money if you can’t spend it on some lavish vape kits? Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury vaping! If you’re looking for a vape kit that makes heads turn and shows off your status, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the world of the most expensive and luxurious vape kits on the market and learn the reasons behind their exorbitant price tag. 

Remember that these are not your average e-cigarette setups — they’re straight out of a James Bond movie. From the high-tech gadgets to the beautiful designs, these vaping devices will make any smoker’s mouth water with envy!

5 of the Most Luxurious Vape Kits on the Market

Here’s a list of 5 luxurious vape kits that have ever been made. Some are custom-made devices for personal use, while others are available for grab if you are willing to spend that kind of money. 

1) Sofia by Shisha Sticks (Price: $887,000)

What happens when a Russian billionaire decides to give his girlfriend a birthday gift? He sets out to buy her the most expensive vape mod ever created! With a price tag just shy of a million dollars, the Sofia vape dazzles everyone with its beauty. 

The mod looks more like a fancy piece of art than a vaping device. Why? Because its exterior is lined up with gold, diamonds, and crystals. That’s not all! It proudly displays a 6-carat oval diamond on top and over 200 pieces of 2-carat diamonds across the body. 

2) SX350J Dual 18650 Mod by Magical Valley Vapors (Price: $109,000)

The vape mod is a 3D printed device that is made for users who appreciate quality and luxury. Don’t let the word “3D printed” deceive you because the mod oozes class and luxury with a smooth finish and various color options. 

The second most expensive vape mod in existence, this kit features a sleek framework, making it easy to slip into your pocket without any hassle. The dual batteries get their charge via micro USB.

3) TI 26650 by Top Hat (Price: $10,000)

The first thing you’re likely to notice about this bad boy is the stunning titanium shell with a wood inlay. It’s a beautiful, handcrafted masterpiece that will make your mouth water and your friends jealous. But don’t take my word for it, check out these features:

The titanium shell ensures high durability, and the wood inlay creates an eye-catching style on the surface of the device. The mod’s design aims to maximize function while making it look beautiful at the same time.

4) Otto Carter (Price: $1,000 to $3,000)

A vape mod made from a Texan firearms engraver? Who wouldn’t want that! Showcasing the precision and expertise of a craftsman, this vape mod is one of a kind that only a true artist can offer. 

The mod features intricate patterns on its exterior that are truly wonderful to behold. It’s also highly functional and heavy-duty with its stainless steel and brass construction. The best part? The manufacturer makes it on request only.

5) Elite V2 Vape Mod by Gepetto (>$1,000 to <$3,000)

Do you want to look like you’re carrying a vape that costs more than your car? You need the Elite V2 vape mod. Its gorgeous look is the first thing that will catch your eye. The design has a vintage feel with clean lines and sleek curves, not those bulky shapes you see in most mods these days. And the craftsmanship! Every detail is impeccable, from the hand-painted polished wood body to the gold screw holding down the battery. The attention to detail is quite impressive; you can see that Gepetto really put their heart into this device. 

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