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Oval-shaped engagement rings have seen a steep rise in popularity over the last couple of years. We’re not surprised, though. The elegance and timeless look of oval engagement rings creates a modern sophisticated twist on the classic round engagement rings. 

Whether you like a traditional, classic setting or a sleek, contemporary-style ring, there are plenty of stunning oval engagement rings to choose from. Continue reading to learn more about the five best-selling oval engagement rings and how to choose the right one for you and your loved one.

Why Pick an Oval?

Source: Ira Gabay, rights allowed

Oval-shaped diamonds are brilliantly cut, which means their sparkle and shine is intense, and is one of the reasons oval diamonds are so sought after. The lengthened shape of the oval cut makes the hand appear more slender and long, making it the perfect addition to an engagement ring.

The one-of-a-kind shape and sophistication that the oval shape gives is another explanation for their recent rise in popularity. Oval diamonds have a larger surface area than other diamonds, which translates into more finger coverage. They’re lower in price than the equivalently sparkly round cut, and their one of the less expensive fancy cut diamonds. 

An oval center diamond is a tasteful choice, as it combines the classic appeal of traditional round-cut diamonds with the sleek, simply contemporary look that is so beloved today.

1 Dainty Bands 

Oval cut diamonds are beautifully showcased on dainty settings such as the solitaire Kamellie and the Pave Kamellie. A thinner band like in these rings accentuates the size of the oval diamond, emphasizing its length all the while slimming the hand. 

Single-stone settings are on the rise again this year. An oval diamond shines bright and stands out on the timeless look of a thin golden band.

Both solitaire and pave versions of the Kamellie contain hidden halo detailing, which elevates the center oval diamond and makes it possible to make a stunning matching set with a wedding band. The pave Kamellie is especially exquisite by adding extra sparkle from every corner. The setting is an ode to its delicate predecessor with an additional dimension of moving sparkle from every angle.

2 Embellished Settings 

Diamond-embellished settings are hugely popular nowadays, but none are quite as beloved and known as the Penelope. 

The Penelope incorporates the simplistic elegance of a thin golden band with three round brilliant diamonds showcasing the center stone on either side. The side stones add dimension to the already stunning center diamond, elevating the ring from a simple solitaire setting.

Thin bands such as the Penelope give the illusion that the oval diamond is floating atop the hand. The oval’s elongated shape looks gorgeous when paired with a matching wedding band, as it extends over the wedding band with its length and brings the two together to make a gorgeous cohesive set. 

3 Contemporary and Ethereal

It’s super in to rock an out-of-the-box, one-of-a-kind engagement ring nowadays. The Twig is a perfect example of the modern approach to engagement ring design. This gorgeous, awe-evoking ring is nature-inspired. Its intricate metal texture and small diamond embellishments grab your attention.

The branches twisting together give an ethereal, natural vibe that pairs so well with small round brilliant diamonds that bring out the beautiful sparkle of the center stone. The contemporary design is enhanced by a classic-split shank, which makes it just that more elegant and timeless.

This modern twist on the traditional engagement ring paired with the contemporary choice of an oval diamond gives the ring a youthful, refreshing look. It’s no surprise The Twig is known on Etsy, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed as an unforgettable bestseller. 

Source: Ira Gabay, rights allowed

4 Dreamy Fairytale Ring 

The Nelly is a fairytale-inspired, picture perfect classic solitaire topped with a magnificently regal hidden halo. It’s the epitome of modern meets fairytale, especially when paired with a gorgeous oval diamond center stone.

What’s especially fantastic about the Nelly is that the hidden halo elevates the oval stone, bringing it even more to front and center. It is a classic single-stone setting with the whimsical appeal that emulates a Disney Princess ring. The timeless, clean look of the smooth lines makes for an exquisite stage to the sophistication and sparkle of an oval center diamond.

This year, classic solitaire settings are back on the rise in popularity. If you’re looking for a timeless single-stone setting with a subtle extra touch of sparkle, the Nelly might be the right One for you.

5 Multi-Side Stone Settings

Looking for an engagement ring that will take the sparkle factor up by a couple notches? You won’t need to look far: an oval center diamond set atop a band of alternating side stones looks absolutely stunning. The Lindsey speaks for itself in terms of why it is a best-selling engagement ring.

This unique setting features alternating round and marquise diamonds along its band. The combination of alternating side diamonds with a brilliant oval center diamond is show-stoppingly beautiful. Wonderfully sparkly side stones guide the eye to the even more sparkly oval diamond. The rounded, soft shapes all together give an exquisitely romantic look.

Here’s a major bonus of the Lindsey: it matches perfectly with many wedding bands. The matching stones on the engagement ring and wedding band looks stunning together, and create a sleek, contemporarily romantic ring. The lengthened structure of the oval diamond extends over the chevron band, which results in a marvelously cohesive look.

Source: Ira Gabay, rights allowed

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Oval

Picking out the perfect oval diamond to showcase on your engagement ring is not as difficult as you might think! Oval-cut diamonds have a brilliant cut, which means they’re rather forgiving, and you can find the One without breaking the bank.

Your first step is to determine your budget. This will help you narrow down your options. 

Consider the 4 C’s when choosing the perfect diamond:

  • Cut. The stone should be proportional, and reflect light so that it creates lots of sparkles and has little to no dark spots. 
  • Colorless. Unless you prefer a yellower stone, go for the G-H range to choose a more colorless stone. 
  • Eye-clean (or bust). Luckily, the brilliance and sparkle of oval cuts typically mask many blemishes in the stone. Look for a stone that appears clean of blemishes to the naked eye, which typically has a clarity rating in the VS range. 
  • Consider your style. Do you prefer a larger or smaller oval for your engagement ring? It’s all up to you (and your budget).

Ode to Ovals

Choosing an oval diamond for your engagement ring is a fresh, modern twist on the classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring. Oval diamonds are elegant and timeless, and offer a unique, sophisticated look that will be cherished for years to come. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect oval engagement ring, taking a look at these customer favorites are a wonderful source of inspiration! Whether you’re wanting a traditional or a more modern engagement ring, an oval center diamond will be a *brilliant*, chic choice. 

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