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While winter is the least popular season for weddings, you have plenty of great winter-specific photo options to choose from. Whether you’re in the snowy northeast or a more mild southern winter, a cold weather wedding presents unique opportunities for creativity.

Why Have a Winter Wedding?

December to February account for only about 5% of weddings. If they’re so unpopular, would you even want to get married in the winter? While there are some logistical challenges, winter also has several major benefits.

Benefit 1: Ambiance

It’s not just about getting a photo of your gold wedding rings contrasting with the snow, though that is very cool. The cozy winter season is perfect for tying the knot. With so many cool seasonal decoration options and a backdrop of snow, winter is a magical time to get married.

Benefit 2: Off-Season Pricing and Availability

Since there aren’t very many winter weddings, you may be able to get a discount from some of your vendors. While it isn’t a guarantee, you should definitely ask about off-season pricing, even if their website doesn’t explicitly mention it.

You can still benefit from added availability even if you can’t get a discount. Unlike peak summer and fall months, you have significantly fewer couples competing for the same venues and vendors. While you still shouldn’t wait until the last minute, this can reduce the stress of booking the venue.

Benefit 3: Fewer Scheduling Conflicts

Sure, someone will have a scheduling conflict at any time of the year. However, if you plan your wedding for the off-season, you should be able to increase the percentage of your guest list who can attend. With most weddings happening during summer and fall, you should see more open calendars from your guests in the winter.

Winter Wedding Photo Ideas to Add to Your Wishlist

Stunning Backdrops

Whether you’re on a mountaintop, in front of a lodge or in a snow-covered field, there’s something magical about winter backdrops. Something that looks ordinary in the summertime looks otherworldly when the snow falls, so take advantage of that. Great backdrops are easy to combine with any of the other options on this list, too.

Snuggle Up

Whether it’s to show affection or keep warm in an outdoor photoshoot (likely both), there’s no photo choice more classic during sweater weather than this one.


The bridal bouquet is a good centerpiece for all wedding photoshoots. However, in the wintertime, you can make a statement with flowers and colors that you don’t have during the summer months. Plus, bright colors will really stand out against a snowy backdrop if you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot.

Photo: Petrushkov

Flowers Aren’t Just for Bouquets

Flower crowns have been a big photoshoot phenomenon as of late, but they can be even more appealing in the winter for the same reasons winter bouquets are popular. Both a bouquet and flower crown may be a bit too much of a good thing, but feel free to try it out and see if you like it!

Embrace the Snowfall

Yes, it’s quite chilly to just stand outside in the snow, but hear us out. If you’re willing to be a little cold and wet temporarily, active snowfall adds so much depth and character to your wedding photos. All your summer-married friends will be jealous!

Take to the City Streets

All the great Christmas movies take place in the city anyway. Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, Die Hard. You get the idea. If Christmas lights are up when you’re taking your photos, that’s a built-in prop right there. 

Strap on the Skis

Yes, you can use a snowboard instead. Whatever you choose, snow sports lovers can integrate their passion into their wedding photoshoots. Sure, it’s definitely a commitment to lug your board around while wearing a tuxedo, but the shots will be so cool that you’ll be glad you did.

Stand Among the Trees

There are few things more surreal than standing in a snowy forest. Capture that feeling in photo form by going through a walk in the woods. As an added bonus, you can get some great candids along the way!

Photo: Yuriy

Winter Accessories and Props

Sleds, fur coats, flannel scarves. Anything your imagination dreams up when you think of winter. You can use so many unique props and accessories for winter photoshoots that the sky’s the limit on this one.

You can also use winter-specific props to display your new titanium rings. Maybe nestle it in a tree branch or stage it somewhere in the snow. Talk to your photographer about what will look the best and take full advantage of it.

Yes, there’s a certain excitement to the summer and fall weddings. However, if you’re willing to brave a bit of cold on your wedding day, you can create something unique and memorable!

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