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Vacations are already a luxury that more and more of us around the world are starting to enjoy. Add on top of these lowered travel costs with increase choice in accommodation and even destinations, and your vacation can be anything you want it to be. You can have a truly luxurious getaway, and that definition of luxury can be entirely yours at nearly every budget. All you need is a bit of prep, a touch of creativity, and to follow this guide:

1.    Choose a Unique and Luxurious Home-Away-From-Home

There is so much more to travel than hotels. Today, you can rent out a vacation home or luxury apartment just as easily and in many cases for less than you would a luxury hotel. Though there are often no amenities like a continental breakfast or room service, you don’t really need them. Order in and enjoy takeout, or go out for a nice dinner instead. Just remember when choosing your home away from home that it ticks all of your boxes for uniqueness, aesthetics, and price.

2.    Make Your Travel Experience Part of the Vacation

Your trip doesn’t start when you land, either. By improving your experience at the airport, you can set the right tone for a luxurious trip thereafter:

–       Have a fancy dinner

Tasty food and drink are how you can stimulate your senses and enjoy a luxurious experience no matter where you are. By having a fancy dinner (most airports have these options now), you can skip the airplane food and be ready for your trip to begin.

–       Look great and feel great

Airplane acne is a real thing, and even if you don’t experience any breakouts chances are you will be sweaty and feel less than stellar by the time you get off the plane. By wearing layers, items that don’t show sweat patches, and bringing face wash and a moisturizer, you can get back to looking and feeling great in no time.

–       Know your rights

There is nothing luxurious about delays, but you can prepare yourself in advance so that you can stay calm. If you are traveling to Europe on a European airline, for example, you could receive a healthy sum of compensation for your delay. Just remember to visit the front desk to receive a copy of your rights, a possible food or drink voucher, and to contact FairPlane at the end of your trip to receive your compensation sum.


3.    Budget for Your Definition of Luxury

There are different interpretations on what luxury is. It could be an around-the-clock spa treatment just as easily as it can be climbing to the top of Mount Everest. The point is to know what you love and to budget for it. If you are a total foodie budget for great meals. If you love to shop, or the beach, make sure your trip includes these activities.

You deserve to have a luxury experience no matter what your budget is, and you can by following these easy tips.


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