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SailGP, the pinnacle of professional sailing, witnesses the convergence of elite sailing talent from around the globe. Among these formidable competitors is the Switzerland SailGP Team, a relatively new entrant that joined the league at the beginning of Season 3. Racing aboard the cutting-edge F50 Eiger, this team has rapidly become a beacon of Swiss prowess in the sailing world. With an amalgamation of experienced sailors and promising new talent, the Swiss team is determined to leave an indelible mark on SailGP.

SailGP Overview

SailGP is a global sailing championship that showcases the fastest sail-powered boats, the F50 catamarans. These high-tech vessels can reach speeds exceeding 50 knots (about 60 mph), making for thrilling and highly competitive races. The league features teams from different countries competing in iconic locations worldwide. The format includes fleet races, match races, and a final championship race, ensuring continuous excitement and strategic diversity throughout the season. SailGP’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has positioned it as a leading event in the competitive sailing arena.

The Switzerland SailGP Team

The Switzerland SailGP Team embarked on its journey in SailGP at the dawn of Season 3. From the outset, the team aimed to blend Swiss precision and resilience with the high demands of top-tier sailing competition. The team has showcased commendable performances in the previous seasons, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the future. Their participation highlights Switzerland’s rich sailing heritage and inspires a new generation of sailors in the country.

Key Members of the Switzerland SailGP Team

Sébastien Schneiter Sébastien Schneiter, one of the youngest drivers in SailGP, has quickly risen through the ranks of competitive sailing. With numerous accolades to his name, Schneiter’s transition from leading the Swiss team to focusing on his Olympic campaign marks a strategic move aimed at expanding his already impressive sailing repertoire. See more about him here:

Nathan Outteridge: A seasoned sailor with two Olympic medals, Nathan Outteridge brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the Swiss team. His role as the new team leader is pivotal, steering the team towards new horizons with his strategic acumen and competitive spirit. See more about him here:

Will Ryan is known for his skill as a wing trimmer, and his contributions are integral to the team’s success. His background in competitive sailing and precise control over the sails ensure the F50 Eiger performs optimally during intense races. See more about him here:

Nicolas Rolaz As the flight controller, Nicolas Rolaz plays a crucial role in maintaining the F50’s balance and speed. His expertise ensures that the catamaran flies smoothly above the water, a key factor in achieving high speeds and manoeuvrability. See more about him here:

Laurane Mettraux The team’s strategist, Laurane Mettraux, makes real-time tactical decisions during races. Her deep understanding of sailing dynamics and quick thinking on the water are invaluable assets to the team. Read more about her profile here:

Julien Rolaz, Jérémy Bachelin, and Eliot Merceron The Swiss grinders, Julien Rolaz, Jérémy Bachelin, and Eliot Merceron, provide the raw power needed to operate the F50’s hydraulic systems. Their strength and endurance are critical in maintaining the boat’s competitive edge throughout the races. Read more about them here:

The Switzerland SailGP Team races on the F50 Eiger, a marvel of modern sailing technology. Preparation for the races involves rigorous training routines, focusing on physical fitness, teamwork, and strategic planning. The team employs advanced strategies to adapt to varying race conditions, leveraging their collective experience and innovative tactics to stay ahead of the competition. Challenges such as changing weather conditions and mechanical issues are met with resilience and swift problem-solving, showcasing the team’s adaptability and determination.

2025: SailGP is coming to Geneva


In a thrilling development for sailing enthusiasts, SailGP, the world’s premier sailing championship, has announced the inaugural Rolex Switzerland Sail Grand Prix. This landmark event will take place on the iconic waters of Lake Geneva on September 20-21, 2025, marking a significant addition to the Season 5 calendar. Rolex, a venerable name in the world of sailing, will be the title partner for the event. This partnership continues Rolex’s nearly 70-year involvement in yachting and its role as the global presenting partner and official timepiece of SailGP since the league’s inception in 2019. The collaboration has been strengthened by a groundbreaking ten-season partnership, underscoring Rolex’s deep commitment to the sport.

“We’re delighted to announce Lake Geneva as the home of the first-ever Rolex Switzerland Sail Grand Prix next year. We know the Swiss will throw their support behind the Swiss SailGP Team’s home debut.”

SailGP CEO Russell Coutts

The Rolex Switzerland Sail Grand Prix is the third event confirmed for SailGP’s highly anticipated Season 5. The season will kick off in the Middle East in November 2024 and culminate in Abu Dhabi on November 29-30, 2025, after a minimum of 13 events. The league has also announced a return to New York on June 7-8, 2025. SailGP features elite sailing athletes representing ten national teams, competing in identical high-speed, hydrofoiling F50 catamarans that can reach speeds of nearly 100 km/h. Thousands of spectators are expected to gather in Geneva to witness the event, both from the water and onshore.

Geneva is poised to host SailGP, blending its storied sailing tradition with the cutting-edge excitement of the global championship, promising an unforgettable spectacle for all involved.


The Switzerland SailGP Team‘s journey in SailGP is a testament to their dedication and passion for sailing. As they continue to compete and evolve, their presence in the league elevates the status of Swiss sailing and inspires future generations. With a bright future ahead, the team invites sailing enthusiasts and supporters to join them in their thrilling adventure on the global stage of SailGP.

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