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It’s time, to be honest; while most hotels offer amenities like Wi-Fi and large rooms, you will likely be stuck if you want a room with a theme. After all, luxury is a theme, but if you want something more, a standard city hotel won’t cut it!

So, if you want to stay in a hotel or at a resort where the room is the view, then themed hotels are the way to go. And if you are visiting Tennessee in 2023, these are five hotels you simply have to check out!

1. Westgate Resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on January 6th, 2023, Westgate Resorts Official Profile

Smoky Mountains and a themed hotel? What fun! So, when you think of a hotel with a theme around mountains and the wilderness, you probably picture wooden furniture, contrasting color schemes like whites and dark browns, and a lot of plants. Well, wilderness is the theme at the Westgate Resort. 

One of the most famous of the Gatlinburg hotels, this resort oozes the relaxing themes of nature, allowing you to step away from your city life and enjoy the beautiful surrounding Smoky Mountains.

2. Dollywood

Source: Instagram, posted on June 19th, 2022, Dollywood Official Profile

A must-have for fans of the infamous singer! Who hasn’t heard of Dollywood? Named after the legend is Dolly Parton, this is one hotel with a great theme, and it is near the theme park with the same name. The hotel features rustic and cozy decor, Dolly-themed rooms, suites, and various Dolly memorabilia throughout the property.

So, if you are a fan of the country-music superstar or just love the rustic, this is the place to spend your vacation!

3. The Edgewater Hotel

Source: Instagram, posted on March 6th, 2022, Edgewater Hotel Resorts Official Profile

Want a room with a view of the Smoky Mountains? Perched atop the banks of the Little Pigeon River, the Edgeware hotel mixes the beautiful, natural surroundings with modern amenities. 

Its theme and suites combine exposed wooden beams and fireplaces with luxury items like wide-screen TVs. So, if you want a stay in the Smoky Mountains that is not too far removed from the city, this is a must-have for you!

4. Margaritaville Island

Source: Instagram, posted on October 9th 2020, Margaritaville Island Resorts Official Profile

A tropical getaway in the mountains? Yep! The theme of the Margaritaville Island Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is a tropical paradise inspired by the songs and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett. The hotel features amenities such as a water park, a lazy river, and a variety of dining and entertainment options that are designed to transport guests to a tropical island setting.

5. The Inn at Christmas Place

Source: Instagram, posted on November 11th 2022, Christmas Place Resorts Official Profile

Not only for that most wonderful time of the year! The theme of the Inn at Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is Christmas. The hotel features holiday-themed decor, amenities such as an indoor pool, and various Christmas-inspired events and activities throughout the year, with a special focus on the Christmas season. The hotel is decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments, Christmas-themed rooms, and Christmas music playing throughout the hotel.

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