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How do you define luxury? Luxury is different things to different people. Luxury is the will to obtain something tangible valued at a high price. You may not necessarily need this particular item, but you desire to have it because it brings you comfort on your luxurious vacations. Can you think of five luxury items most people can’t live without?

Top 5 Items:

  • Facial Care
  • Signature Fragrance
  • Sunglasses
  • Sneakers
  • Luxury Massage Chairs

Facial Care

Having the ability to choose between different brands of facial care products is a luxury because you have the free will to choose a brand that will make your skin smooth and clear. Good skin care is not cheap. Skin care is a big business and people care what is in their products. In particular, people love organic skin care products because they have the highest potential for yielding the best results. Organic skin care products have a good reputation and have the least chance of causing toxicity to your skin. Natural products allow consumers to shop with ease and have peace of mind.

Your Fragrance Matters


Did you know the way you smell says a lot about where you are consciously? Whether you are financially rich or poor, a nice fragrance not only turns heads but it can be spiritually uplifting. Knowing how to choose a scent that works for you is a sign of maturity and can certainly give you a professional touch as long as your scent is not overwhelming. Adults love wearing nice fragrances for a number of reasons. One reason is your spouse will certainly appreciate the way you smell. For single adults looking to meet the right person one day, a nice fragrance will aid in drawing attention to you. Smelling good consistently is associated with being financially stable.


Who doesn’t love sunglasses? When it comes to sunglasses, it’s not always easy to detect how much someone may have purchased them for? For example, when someone purchases a Gucci purse, it can become quite obvious this person wants others to associate it with a certain status financially.

People purchase expensive sunglasses because it makes them feel wealthy and comfortable. Sunglasses bring an internal happiness that completes their mood for their next luxury vacation. Who doesn’t like a nice pair of shades? Luxury watches and sunglasses top the list.



You might be familiar with people getting hurt on Black Friday to catch a deal on rare Jordans. Sneakers are loved by millions of people of all ages because buyers purchase them to show others they have a sense of fashion. Not only that, but more expensive sneakers are made with a more durable material that can withstand wear and tear longer. Individuals love to financially support their favorite NBA player also if the product caters towards their taste.

Luxury Massage Chairs

It’s a luxury to be able to receive a massage on demand. Many employed individuals that have small children don’t have the luxury of venturing outside of their homes for a deep massage. Owning a luxury massage chair is convenient and can be a cost-effective alternative if your body is in high demand for a massage.


Why Luxury Matters?

Luxury items matter because they help us become a better version of ourselves. They also help us qualify for jobs or move up the later within companies. Do you dress to impress? The majority of people do.

Most parents taught their children the importance of looking their best. Looking good also makes you more approachable to complete strangers. Many social experiments conducted show that more people would help a man wearing a nice suit versus a man dressed as a homeless person.

The man wearing the suit was offered water and the man dressed like a hobo was ignored. Perhaps we want to look our best at all times because we fear rejection and persecution. In the eyes of many strangers, your dress code dictates your value. So the next time you go out to purchase that shiny object, be sure it shines just as big as your heart.

Liz Becker
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