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Regardless of what type of budget you may have, the whole concept of turning any space into a luxury apartment is not as expensive as you may assume. By making a few adjustments, you could completely transform the look of your apartment and add a sense of panache and elegance to any room. In this post, we’re going to take a look at several things you can do to transform your space, no matter how small or large it is, into a luxury themed apartment.

1) Lavish Bedroom

A lavish bedroom is at the centre of every luxury apartment. In fact, if you have ever been in a VIP suite at a hotel, you more than likely have noticed how the suites always contain a bedroom that is well-designed with matching curtains, pillows and bedding.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you get a supportive mattress and to subsequently layer it with plump down pillows, Egyptian made cotton sheets and a comforter. The bed itself should be a King or Queen size and it should have a headboard that you can lay against. The bedroom should also contain two side tables complemented with side lamps, a couple of cosy chairs along with side tables and an armoire for clothing. The television itself should be hidden inside the armoire or a cabinet.


2) Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

When you go from the bedroom to the bathroom, you should be entering a space that contains an equally posh and serene decor. When you think of all the luxury styled hotels you’ve been to, you may have noticed a glass walk-in shower, which contains full-body jets and a powerful shower head. Your bathroom should replicate that scenery. It should also have a Jacuzzi tub, with large mirrors and a double set of sinks. As far as the flooring goes, you should go for heated marble or tile flooring.

3) Climate Control

If you want to transform your space into a luxury apartment, you can’t forget the fact that a luxury apartment can never be too cold or hot. The temperature needs to be just right at all times. As such, you need to invest in a climate control system. The concept of achieving this can be as simple as to install a programmable thermostat in your apartment. In fact, there are several smart thermostats on the market which can read your temperature preferences and mimic them automatically.


4) Install a More Modern Light Fixture

When you look at the lighting situation in your apartment, do you like it? Is it modern? Is the light somewhat harsh? Well consider the possibility of changing old overhead lights to a more modern solution. Ideally you should get sculptural light fixtures which resonate with your decor. In addition to that, you should install a dimmer which can help to establish mood lighting.

If your budget allows it, you should also consider the possibility of hiring an electrician to install wall sconces as well as lights over any artworks that you may have propped up. If you’re looking for electricians, you can always find specialist-tradesmen on Plentific, which is a huge directory of tradesman and independent contractors in your area.

5) Create an Entryway That Resembles a High Class Hotel

Think about the last luxury hotel you walked into, chances are that the lobby was filled with glitzy mirrors, dim lighting, fabulous artwork and various orchards. But, how can you achieve this with the small entryway of your apartment? Well, it’s quite simple. What you’ll need to do is to guide your guests’ eyes to a certain centrepiece which will welcome them to your home. This centrepiece should basically speak to the rest of the apartment’s style. When it comes to establishing this niche or centrepiece, you should start with a small sized entryway table.

The table itself can either be wood, marble or even shiny lacquer. Then once you have acquired that, you can add a lamp, maybe some books and other things that appeal to your distinctive tastes in addition to some floral arrangements. If the table itself is placed against the wall, place a mirror or artwork above said table.

Even though the whole concept of turning any space into a luxury apartment may seem expensive and complicated, by making a few subtle adjustments, as well as adding elegant decor in addition to some technologically advanced features, you can easily accomplish this with a small budget.


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