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Luxury and fashion need not go hand in hand always. What may be fashionable to one may not be so to the other person. In our quest to know what luxury is and what fashion is, we tend to mix both the concepts. In real life, the agencies of fashion and the agencies of luxury can be quite the contrary to each other. If you visit a fashion website, you might be awed by the glitz and the glamour of the world of fashionistas, expensive dresses, fragrance launches, fashion shows and many more events that usher in fashion in the fashionable way that only they can, into our lives.


But when it comes to living fashion and blending it with your life, you need someone to hand-hold you through the entire process. When you watch news, for example red carpet news, page-3 news, and anything that is remotely associated with fashion and adopting fashion into your regular life, how do you go about doing it? Watching snippets of fashion on the news is not half as good. You need an in-depth analysis to understand the various components that make up fashion and how they can be incorporated into our ‘plain Jane’ existence. A bridge has to be built which can balance fashion, utility and luxury.

Imagine if there was a lifestyle magazine that could answer these questions for you. But then, there are so many who would argue about the lifestyle and fashion magazines that are available in plenty in every nook and cranny of the city’s newsstands. The concept of a webzine or a web magazine is still pretty novel too. The pros of subscribing to a webzine are many compared to the magazine that we have known for so long. To start with, since it is web based, it can be read anytime. Whenever you are online or whenever you get the time to be online, you have access to the most recent updates without worrying about what you missed.


Such webzines, not only feed you epicurean delights about fashion, lifestyle and luxury, they are also your link to the world of high-end fashion, trends, beauty, arts, design etc. and offer basically anything and everything that is related to luxury news. If you are one who loves the finer things in life, like fashion, fragrances, watches and all such things that define luxury getting all the first hand information about them is just as necessary as using them and seeing whether they suit you or not. These webzines thrive on the attention that the readers pay to them. If you are a fashion and fragrance enthusiast, you will find reading these articles extremely satisfying.


When we are referring to high-end fashion and lifestyle, how can we miss out on fragrances? Fragrances are the typical yardsticks to measure how fashionable and luxurious a person can be. From fragrances reviews to fragrance launches, everything that is happening in the world of fashion and lifestyle finds a place on the pages of a webzine. The big brands and even bigger fragrances fight for your attention and when you are well informed about them, you naturally take a better decision. Fashion has never been easy to follow; it is like the honey trap that everyone loves getting trapped in and the bottom line remains – you can love fashion or loathe fashion but you cannot ignore it.




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