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This year, Absolut Vodka launched a new limited edition called Electrik. As a symbol of creativity ans energy, tue iconic bottle of Absolut Vodka gets a electrik blue and silver color. The aim of Absolut is to transform each evening with creativity and freedom. It is now a tradition that every year Absolut creates a surprising and outstanding limited edition with a cutting edge design and look. You can read here our article about last year Andy Warhol limited edition. This year with the twin bottle Electrik Blue blue and Silver, Absolut invites you to a passionate and elegant evening.

Absolut-vodka-electrik-bottlesFor the launch of its new limited edition ABSOLUT has proposed a unique technology experience, using the night as a creative framework. The launch event took place in the heart of Los Angeles, where a villa was turned into a club, pushing technology to its highest level. Participants were invited to discover the different facets of a house reinvented in a futuristic atmosphere. A technological uncommon experience which managed to integrate a drone capable of mixing the ingredients of cocktails and a massive bright rainbow design new bottles of Absolut Electrik.



To allow everyone to transform its own private technology event in the evening, ABSOLUT has developed the platform Electrik Mixology on , a collaborative platform where users create their cocktail recipes through interactive blender and exchange customized beverages. A performance also follow the video to a connected experience.

Absolut Elektrik Berman, also known as EB-7 is the world’s first robot mixologist. Simply answer a few questions and he’ll create a personalised cocktail just for you. You can watch More of these Videos by visiting tue brand official Video Gallery here:

As limited Edition, only a few bottles will be available in the World. Switzerland is a lucky Country as 10`000 bottles will be available fort Saales in the best point of sales of the country.

When Christmas become an amazing moment in the year, you wish to get only the very best and the exceptional. You definitely deserve it.



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