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One very specific beauty care strictly reserved for men is Shaving. Aesop proposes a full range of products to help you shave every time you need. This year, Aesop is launching the ultimate razor for men: The Double-Edge Razor. Here are full details about it. This Double-Edge Razor is handmade by skilled English craftsmen. The high density handle and chrome-plated blade head are perfectly balanced to facilitate an immaculate shave. The handle features a hand-polished and triple-plated collar. Ready for use upon purchase, it comes with ten stainless steel Merkur Solingen razor blades, selected for their suitability for both new and experienced wet shavers.


What can we say more about this amazing product? It is a high-density handle with hand-polished collar, triple-plated with copper, nickel and a hard chrome finish. Blade head of die-cast Zamak, protected by hard-wearing, scratch-resistant chrome plating. Ten individually wrapped stainless steel Merkur Solingen razor blades, manufactured in Germany.

Double-Edge-Rasor Double-Edge-Rasor-zamak Double-Edge-Rasor-zamak-side

Aesop by launching this amazing Razor takes the lead in terms of luxury experience in shaving. The amazing feeling of the Zamac razor in the skin gives you great pleasure while shaving.

Before the advent of razors, hair was sometimes removed using two shells to pull the hair out or using water and a sharp tool. Around 3000 BC when copper tools were developed, copper razors were invented. The idea of an aesthetic approach to personal hygiene may have begun at this time, though Egyptian priests may have practiced something similar to this earlier. Alexander the Great strongly promoted shaving during his reign in the 4th century BC because he believed it looked tidier. In some Native American tribes, at the time of contact with British colonists, it was customary for men and women to remove all bodily hair using these methods. There are two types of manual razors: straight razor and safety razors. Safety razors are further subdivided into double-edged razors, single edge, injector razors, cartridge razors and disposable razors. Double-edge razors are named so because the blade that they use has two sharp edges on opposite sides of the blade.


This Razor is made in the beautiful craftsmanship of traditional Razors. Every single detail is taken care to provide you the best shaving experience ever.

Aesop-Razor-detail-blades Aesop-Razor-detail-zamac


The Razor comes with one of the best double-edged blades of the market, the Merkur Solingen blades. The company is founded in 1896 by Emil Hermes. But because there are already other cutlery companies in Solingen with the name of Hermes, he registers the brand name as MERKUR, the Roman equivalent of the messenger of the gods, Hermes. As a very classic product, the razor’s design, packaging and advertising still reflect the tastes of the past.

Aesop-Razor-blades-Merkur-Germany Aesop-Razor-blades-Merkur-Germany-details


As often, Aesop associates the very best in order to create an amazing product. Here is al well the case. By reviewing the traditional double-edged razor in a contemporary way, Aesop creates a masculine object as useful as beautiful. With this razor you can expect  an immaculately close, smooth shave, facilitated by a perfectly balanced handle and blade head, and razor blades of the finest quality. You can discover more by visiting the official website here:


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