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The iconic star has been transformed into a flacon donning a pink and yellow dress, reminiscent of beach cocktails and endless summers. With this juicy Eau de Toilette, reminiscent of exotic fruits warmed by the sun’s rays, MUGLER guides women to seek more: an addictive and completely unforgettable location in the image of Angel Eau Croisière. 

Faithful to MUGLER creations, Angel Eau Croisière is a Fruity Oriental interpretation that handles the extreme with infinite subtlety. At the surface, its Copacabana facet offers an exotic mix of magnolia and fig milk, while its depths reveal a Voluptuous facet of patchouli and praline, Angel’s iconic signature. 
Like an irresistible call to the open sea, Angel Eau Croisière Eau de Toilette is a promise of adventure and freedom.


The endless universe of Mugler allows to create new chapters that will always surprise us. Angel will add glamour on any theme and Summer has never been so glam. The new Angel Eau Croisière Eau de Toilette belongs to the Fruity Oriental fragrance. The Sparkling Citrus start of the original Angel is facetted with a Mango & Blackcurrant Sorbet accord. It immediately sets the decor of a rich summertime. Still, the voluptuous facet of the original Angel is present to please the fans and to seduce new ones.

I am always surprised to see how the Angel original olfactory structure can evolve towards new horizons. Here the yummy aspect of Angel becomes a more mouth-watering facet with a hint of modernity. Fans will recognize their beloved Angel and new users will be seduced by the contrasting deep freshness of this new fragrance.

The iconic flacon dresses with new summer colors and the sharp beauty of the Mugler star shines like a thousand suns. For Angel Eau Croisière, the emblematic Angel Star is donning its most beautiful party attire… The bottle is adorned with thousands of azure blue, emerald green, and pink reflections, cheerfully calling to mind the warmth and radiance of Brazil. A unique journey to the edge of exuberance.


“A fresh breeze blows over Angel and brings with it other-worldly dreams. Both exuberant and exotic, playful and mystical, the new limited-edition Angel Eau Croisière takes us on a journey towards vibrant, colorful, sunny destinations, where celebrations are in full swing!”

José Amorim
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