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Baselworld is one of the biggest events in watch-making and Jewelry. For several jewelry brands it is a special moment that will allow them to present their best pieces and all the amazing know-how they have.There are major jewelers like Harris Winston, Chanel, Dior or Swarovski but also more confidential brands and that is the interest of it. Here is a review on 3 of them that are doing an original and amazing job. You probably did not hear about them yet.

Carla Amorim, Brazilian spirit from mother nature to a a modern world

Carla Amorim is Brazilian and there is one interesting aspect of being from Brazil in jewelry: the fact that nature is an amazing inspiration and that there are many precious stones and metals coming from that country. It is an interesting combination for a jeweler.


carla-amorim-brasil  carla-amorim-brazilian-jeweler
How to describe Carla Amorim’s style? You need to understand the artist behind the brand. She was born in Brasilia, the country’s capital. This city, located in the middle of wild nature, became an architectural challenge and accomplishment of one of the greatest minds of modern times: Oscar Niemeyer. When you grow in a city like Brasilia, you get influenced by the surroundings. What did Carla Amorim keep from Niemeyer? The love of pure lines, the constant play between volume and lightness, and the obsession for perfection. Nature is definitely a great source of inspiration as well as her spirituality. This Brazilian philosophy will create a very original style that has been chosen by several people, celebrities or less famous, around the world. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, tanzanites, Brazilian gemstones, pearls, and 18 K gold in various tones are all explored to achieve the desired effect. You can check the brand website here for more updates and information about the amazing universe of Carla Amorim:

Ommage Jewelry, a curator of the world’s finest assets

One important aspect of wrist watches is the bracelet. Without it, you cannot place the watch on your wrist. Generally in metal, rubber, fabrics or leather, it has a pure functional role and despite of its high technicality, it must embrace one’s anatomy. Some bracelets are dressed with precious metals and jewels, others are now even connected to a smartphone. Once you wear a watch, specially if you are a man, it becomes hard to wear something else at the same time. With Ommage Jewelry, you will see a game changer. Their mission is simple yet complex: to curate the world’s finest assets in watchmaking and bring it to a beautiful and amazing precious bracelet.

Ommage is founded in an obsession with timepieces. From evolving mechanics, efficiency and precision, to trendsetting style and fashion, a watch embodies past, present and future. It carries with it a history and projects a future. There is permanence to timekeeping, an infinity, and it weave itself into our day to day.

ommage-bracelets ommage-jewel-bracelet ommage-jewels

ommage-jewels-bracelets ommage-bracelet-details

Ommage delivers a unique, trend-setting line of bracelets that pay homage to the world’s most revered watchmakers and their creations. It is all Swiss-made, near by Zürich.
The concept is probably one of the most original around a watch. By sharing with Ommage Jewelry your favorite watch, they will create a bracelet that will summarize the quintessence of your timepiece. From the same metal used, to specific design details, you will find here the perfect companion for your watch. It is elegant, timeless and with a lot of allure. Check the brand website and get a quotation for a personalized bracelet.

Christopher Grayson, smart jewels for smart people

This year, experts expect a +1.9% increase of sales in watchmaking thanks to smart watches. Since Apple launched the Apple watch, it represented an accelerator of this segment and connected devices are now an amazing growth opportunity. You just need to find the right idea with the right technology. This is the case of Christopher Grayson and what the brand calls “Smart Jewel”.

Christopher-grayson-connected-wearables  Christopher-Grayson-jewel

IMG_9641.PNG Christopher-grayson-app
The idea is to make technology invisible yet integrated in a clever way that will be useful to anyone. With Smart Jewel, Christopher Grayson brings the best of jewel-making and cutting edge technology. By integrating a display screen into a collection of jewels, we rediscover the pleasure of accessorize our look and to re-wear jewelry in a daily base.
Smart Jewel will alert you with text messages. You will never miss a notification.

  • Phone call alerts
  • SMS messages
  • Social Media notifications as Facebook, Twitter…
  • Calendar appointments

Thanks to Smart Jewel you do not need to retrieve your smartphone from your purse, you can immediately be informed and keep the contact with your colleagues, friends and family.
Here are some of the apps that Smart Jewel supports, but there are many more. This is just a small collection.

  • Phone calls alert
  • Mail apps
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Uber
  • CNN news
  • Skype

Christopher Grayson has found a very clever idea that has several possible developments and applications. The connected wearables market is already a reality and still everything is ahead. Check the brand website for more details:

Baselworld is an amazing luxury appointment with the world. Jewelry brands will present their best of the best in terms of design, technology and poetry. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend but there are other “Precious stones” to discover. 



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