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The web represents an amazing source of information. You can search about everything and you can find what you are looking for just in a couple of seconds. With the expansion of luxury worldwide, the web search became a great source of information for all the luxury customers and fans around the world. So here is our review about the best luxury news website that you can find if you are searching about this topic.

The luxury market, an ongoing growth worldwide

According to Euromonitor and Forbes magazine, the luxury industry worldwide represented $ 300 billion sales. 33% of this figure came from Europe, representing the biggest luxury market in the World. The region gets a +5% year on year which shows that there is no crisis in luxury. If we take a close look in other regions like Asia-Pacific, we can see that there is a triple digit growth in the luxury market since 2008. If the growing remains exponential, Asia will become the biggest market for luxury by 2018. Countries like China and India are definitely pushing the growth in Asia but we should not forget areas like Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan or even Singapore that are developing very fast and people are getting rich. The luxury business in China is suppose to cross the level of $ 20billion before 2018, knowing that 30% of total luxury buys by Chinese are done in Hong Kong, we let you imagine the potential in that area.

Top 5 best websites for luxury news

At we use to do this ranking based on the average position that these websites occupy in the search engine result page. We took (international search) and looked for results on Luxury news. Here are the top 5 results.


One important reference in the luxury news activity is Luxuo. This website became an expert on Luxury announcements, press releases, events and reviews. It represents a very rich source for luxury information. Very popular on Social media with its 356’000 fans on Facebook,  Luxuo is read by millions of people every year.


This online website is based in Singapore, Asia. Their aim is to supply news and updates on the most luxury and exclusive products and services. It is like a digital guide for connoisseurs. 30 people from expert contributors to writers, technical and Design teams, Luxury Insider invests heavily on content creation in order to provide an interesting experience.

CNN Money


CNN is the world champion and the inventor of modern breaking news concept. When they launched CNN Money. The website was originally formed as a joint venture between CNN and Time Warner’s Fortune and Money magazines. Since the spin-off of Time Warner’s publishing assets, CNNMoney has operated as a branch of and is no longer tied to these magazines. This section has a luxury area in which all luxury news are displayed. Always on top of the news, online readers will be able to find the hottest news around Fashion, Watchmaking, Real estate, yachting, Business and leaders of the luxury industry.


This website is property of Napean LLC. This company publishes online news, analysis, and opinions on mobile marketing, media, and commerce for marketing, media, and business executives. It offers Mobile Commerce Daily, a mobile commerce daily trade publication; Mobile Marketer, a trade publication covering mobile advertising, marketing, media, and commerce; and, a vehicle for commentary on mobile issues. Luxury Daily is definitely the flagship title and will offer a wide range of themes, often focused on the fresh news.

Luxury Telegraph


The Telegraph became a worldwide reference for business and news. The emerging markets like India, Malaysia, Taiwan or Indonesia represent a fast growing opportunity to increase the number of readers. These are all english speaking countries so the content is applicable to all of them. Year after year, luxury became a big point of interest for a dedicated business clientele. It is a great way to spend one’s money but it can be also a nice way to invest money. The Telegraph understood this quite fast and became a top result on search engines around the world.

As you can see, there are major websites related to luxury news around the world. Some of them are located in Asia, others in the US and a few in Europe. This shows the richness and the worldwide interest for this kind of news. Feel free to connect to any of these websites to discover rich and multi-facetted aspects of luxury.

José Amorim

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