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For the fourth year of collaboration, Caran d’Ache and Nespresso go a step further into Swissness by revealing a collection of two new writing instruments made from recycled Nespresso capsules, coffee grounds, and pencils of Swiss wood. When passion and sustainability meet, everything is possible.

When Design aligns with Environment

Driven by shared values of innovation, excellence and environmental protection, Nespresso and Caran d’Ache are joining forces to create two writing instruments that carry outstanding elements of design and recycling. Together, they designed the first Fixpencil made from the aluminium of recycled Nespresso capsules, with a lead made from recycled coffee grounds. A set of three graphite pencils in Swiss wood and leads composed of coffee grounds completes this exclusive collection combining audacity, elegance, and eco-responsibility.

Together, Caran d’Ache and Nespresso are writing the history of recycling. The two Swiss flagships are joining hands for a fourth unprecedented alliance that pushes the limits of creativity in recycling. The two Swiss companies are connected by shared principles of innovation, environmental conservation, and excellence. Following the success of the first three editions of Ache + Nespresso’s 849 Caran ballpoint pen, the company has released the fourth version this year.

Caran d’Ache + Nespresso Fixpencil and graphite pencils

The mechanical pencil will don the bright and glossy ochre of the World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo coffee capsules for a contemporary yet elegant style. For the very first time, thanks to the ingenuity and ever-evolving expertise of Caran d’Ache’s craftsmen, the pair take their collaboration to new heights as the graphite lead of the Fixpencil will be made from recycled coffee grounds.

Created in 1929, the Fixpencil is an exceptional invention in more ways than one. Stemming from the secular know-how of Caran d´Ache, it is the first mechanical pencil in the world. By its hexagonal shape and equipped with a patented mechanism, this symbol of Swiss design has had the honour of appearing on a Swiss postage stamp.

An essential companion for designers, artists, and architects is the Fixpencil, which this year is made from recycled Nespresso capsules. The mechanical pencil is adorned with the satin and bright ocher of the World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo coffee capsules for a contemporary and elegant style. But in 2021, the Caran d’Ache + Nespresso duo are going even further. Thanks to the ingenuity and constantly perfected expertise of Caran d´Ache artisans, the Fixpencil graphite lead is, for the very first time, made from recycled coffee grounds. 100% natural leads, which lovers of environmentally conscious design can also find in an exclusive set of three graphite pencils.

Pencils that Caran d’Ache chooses to produce in beech from Swiss forests, FSC certified, reinforce this edition’s ecological dimension. These three instruments are adorned respectively in pink, green and gold colours reminiscent of the capsules of the Nespresso Reviving Origins Esperanza de Colombia, Tamuka Mu Zimbabwe and Amaha Awe Uganda coffees.


A committed mission inscribed on the two instruments’ body displays the words: “A recycling story is in your hand”! Their packaging in 100% recyclable cardboard and without glue reinforces the innovative and responsible approach of the two Swiss icons.

Entirely designed and produced in the Caran d´Ache workshops in Geneva, the Fixpencil and Caran d´Ache + Nespresso graphite pencils offer an eco-responsible drawing and writing experience to all those who want to write tomorrow.


A Story Of Eternity And Excellence

The aluminium used to create Nespresso capsules is infinitely recyclable, guarantees its coffees’ freshness, flavour, and quality. Nespresso capsules can be reborn in many forms only if they are collected and recycled. For more than 30 years, as part of a global sustainable approach, Nespresso has managed its own system to collect and recycle aluminium capsules to endlessly give them a second life.

For over 100 years, Caran d’Ache has respectfully perpetuated the art of drawing and writing. The Maison flagship of Swiss manufacturing tradition develops and manufactures its products in its workshops in Geneva. Caran d’Ache instruments are recognized worldwide for their excellence and are made following the requirements of the “Swiss Made” quality label.


By working together on such an outstanding project, Caran d’Ache and Nespresso tell a story of eternity and excellence. They connected the two hearts of their own businesses to create a powerful bond between the two companies. Using the Coffee grounds into the pencils graphite leads generates a beautiful story. When you write a word, a sentence, a paragraph, it will engrave into a paper that moment of eternity.

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