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From Monday, 18th December 2023, CHANEL is heading – for the first time – to the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad, known for its authentic charm and discerning luxury.

Located just steps from the town centre, the ephemeral boutique will take up residence in an early 20th-century wooden chalet, where the latest Ready-to-Wear and accessories collections by Virginie Viard will be presented in a 120m2 space reaching over two floors. Alongside an exclusive selection of iconic House watches, such as the J12 and the Première Edition Originale, CHANEL Jewelry will be honoured with emblematic pieces from the N°5, Camélia, Plume and Ruban collections. A range of perfumes will also be available.

Gstaad: A true Luxury treat

Photo: © CHANEL

The façade and specific furniture remain unchanged, evoking Swiss chalets’ traditional architecture and décor. Inside, omnipresent wood and faux fur, luxuriant tweeds dotted in black and white and beige fabrics harmoniously blend the inimitable CHANEL identity with the spirit of the mountains. The boutique is imbued with a gentle, cosy atmosphere, alternating parquet and carpets adding a warm, welcoming note.

On the ground floor, the entrance hall leads to a series of distinct but complementary spaces: two adjoining areas devoted to bags, accessories and shoes lead to a ‘bar’ dedicated to denim, evoking carefree days out in the mountains, where jeans are coupled with cashmere.

A wooden staircase leads up to the first floor, and the understated graphic modules display silhouettes from the Cruise 2023/24 collection and the Coco Neige line, while another discreet area showcases small leather goods and jewellery. Two VIP salons and fitting rooms complete the space in a neutral beige palette.

The CHANEL Coco Neige 2023/24: No better place than Gstaad.

Photo: © CHANEL

Here, the décor echoes the spirit of the collections on show: the Coco Neige 2023/24 collection, both technical and elegant, revisits the mountains with a nod to Mademoiselle Chanel, who herself enjoyed winter sports in the 1930s, both skiing and tobogganing. For the coming winter, black, white and beige, emblematic of the House, are mixed with a deep navy blue and heightened by a powerful fuchsia pink and a sophisticated lilac.

Designed for both the slopes and après-ski, the silhouettes play with House codes. Once again, this year, the Coco Neige collection offers an active, elegant wardrobe composed of ski suits and high-tech, seamless, formfitting garments in playful shapes embellished with rhinestones, recalling the glamourous world of ice skating. In town or out for a stroll, day or evening, the tweed jackets and outfits, knitted dresses and miniskirts are paired with shearling gilets.

The Cruise 2023/24 silhouettes, first revealed in Los Angeles, deploy multiple facets of a colourful and joyful collection. They conjugate a tribute to the 1920s/30s elegance of great movie stars with the cadence of the 1970s/80s, in an explosion of vitality: rhinestoned mini shorts and jumpsuits, embroidered bustiers and little vest tops, 1960s-style suits, casual bathrobes and pyjamas, 1930s shoes, swimwear and evening dresses.

Photo: © CHANEL

The Exquisite Charm of Gstaad: A Luxurious Ski Haven

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Gstaad stands as a beacon of luxury and exclusivity in ski resorts. This enchanting destination, renowned for its majestic mountain views and pristine slopes, offers a skiing experience that transcends the ordinary. Unlike other ski resorts, Gstaad’s charm lies in its perfect blend of traditional Swiss elegance and contemporary luxury. The village, with its picturesque chalets and cobblestone streets, encapsulates the essence of a winter wonderland. It’s not just a ski resort; it’s a retreat into a world where time slows down and beauty surrounds you.

The slopes of Gstaad cater to all skill levels, but what sets it apart is its commitment to privacy and exclusivity. The resort boasts private ski areas to enjoy uninterrupted runs away from the usual crowds. This unparalleled privacy is rare and elevates the skiing experience to unmatched serenity. After a day on the slopes, indulge in Gstaad’s world-class amenities. From Michelin-starred restaurants serving exquisite cuisine to spas offering rejuvenating Alpine treatments, every moment here is designed for utmost pleasure and relaxation.

Gstaad isn’t just a ski destination; it’s an escape to a world of refined luxury and tranquil beauty. Its unique combination of private ski experiences and elegant Swiss culture makes it a must-visit for those seeking a ski vacation that is both exclusive and enchanting.

In Conclusion,

As the holiday season envelops us in its festive embrace, Gstaad emerges as a ski resort and a symphony of luxury and celebration. Imagine gliding down the slopes, the crisp Alpine air mingling with the laughter of the season, and then retreating to the opulence of a world where Chanel’s elegance meets the rustic charm of the Swiss Alps. This resort is a canvas where high fashion and nature’s grandeur blend seamlessly.

Gstaad’s allure during the holidays is a spectacle of lights, glamour, and snowy enchantment. Picture evenings adorned with the sparkle of Chanel’s latest collection, where fashion enthusiasts and snow lovers gather under the starry Alpine sky. This is where luxury finds its winter soul; every moment is a toast to elegance and joy.

In Gstaad, the holiday season transcends the ordinary, creating a winter fairytale wrapped in the timeless sophistication of Chanel. The CHANEL ephemeral boutique in Gstaad will remain open until 8th March 2024.

José Amorim
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