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France has a tremendous history and know-how, one of them is around Champagne. In this domain, Dom Perignon is an exceptional Maison and they do their art like no one. According to Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave at Dom Perignon, when a bottle of Dom Perignon start its journey across time, it is not a linear evolution. It gets to leaps, called Plenitudes. There are 3 plenitudes to accomplish the spirit of the Maison Dom Perignon. It is a true equation of time and a magnificent story in how to produce probably one of the best champagnes in the world. Here is a video in which Mr Geoffroy explains the Plenitudes. This film is not to be viewed by persons under the legal alcohol drinking/buying age in their country. Do not forward these materials to anyone below the legal drinking age. Not for use in countries with restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages. Enjoy Dom Pérignon responsibly. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

Richard Geoffroy is the representative of a long line of Côte des Blancs winegrowers. He was born in the heart of Champagne region in France in 1954. He was named Chef de Cave at Dom Perignon in 1990 and has been taking care of the legendary wine ever since. As the main creator at Dom Perignon, he alone is responsible for deciding whether or not to declare a Dom Perignon vintage. The uniqueness of this wine brand is that all champagnes commercialized are vintages. Their commitment to vintages is absolute.


This means that every vintage declaration is a risk the entire Maison takes and sometimes they decide not to declare a vintage if they believe the work is  not accomplished. Basically, Dom Perignon reinvents itself with every vintage. Such dedication and commitment go beyond any industry standards. There is no standard classification possible. Every wine is a challenge and a master-piece. The assemblage is the foundation. Based on winemaking techniques, Dom Perignon dream of perfection motivates the Maison to carefully craft  every assemblage. For each Vintage, there will be only one Blanc assemblage and one Rosé assemblage. Without revealing any secrets, it is known that Dom Perignon will wisely play with Black and White grapes in order to find the right balance. Using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, Dom Perignon will create a tension with plenty of contrasts which will be the perfect base for a Vintage. Where the grapes are coming from? Dom Perignon has the advantage and the privilege to select the best grapes from the Champagne Grand Crus.

  • Aÿ
  • Bouzy
  • Verzenay
  • Mailly
  • Chouilly
  • Cramant
  • Avize
  • Le Mesnil
  • Hautvillers Premier Cru

These are only a few examples. In total, Dom Perignon has the access to 17 domains in the Champagne region. Unique. Part of the secret of Dom Perignon is the fact that each wine gets into a slow aging process.

Give time to time and time will reward you” Auguste Rodin

That is why Dom Perignon Plenitudes are key in the process of revealing the true spirit of a vintage champagne. The first Plenitude is the first leap. It takes 8 years for the original wine to get to the first Plenitude (9 years for Rosé). It is the first revelation of the vintage character. All the elements are in place. They are all relevant and translate the harmony of Dom Perignon. The fermentation starts and slowly bring the different elements together to create a great Champagne.


After 16 years, the wine reaches what we call the second Plenitude. this leap is an interesting step. It is the energy the expansion of the wine that provides all the power of natural elements jointly playing the same symphony. It generates a new and captivating energy. This energy gives you the confirmation that things are going to develop further. The wine assemblage has what is required to cross time and to prepare the exquisite blend to get to the next leap, meaning the third Plenitude. This leap is reached after 25 years! The wine gathers the harmony of the first Plenitude with the energy of the second to meet 25 years later and reveal a great vintage. This one is darker, richer and deep. It reveals the spirit of Dom Perignon and a certain idea of an absolute.

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When passion and know-how lead you beyond the limits of time, you get to an area in which only exceptional men and creation exist.

José Amorim


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