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Whether you have traveled to Dubai or you are going there for the first time, in our article you will find places that you must visit. Dubai can be visited regardless of the time of year – it is always adorable. There are always a lot of tourists there, so it is most convenient to travel around the UAE in a rented car. Renting a car will allow you to visit many places of interest in one trip. For convenience, you can hire suv cars in uae, because they are well-driven, they can fit the whole family or a group of friends and they are very comfortable. Rental cars can be of different prices depending on the brand, type, and year of manufacture.

Historic Bastakiya

Bastakiya or Al-Fahidi is a restored historical quarter where you can visit the old fort, a mosque, all sorts of museums and art galleriesBastakiya began to be populated by Persian pearl divers. They built houses from inexpensive materials: clay, lime, palm branches, and shell rock. After the oil boom, most of the families from here moved to the city center, and the authorities decided to destroy Bastakiya. It was planned that in the 80s a new business center would be built here. However, the townspeople came out in defense of the area, and they decided to leave it as an architectural monument. The British restored the area, and restaurants, cafes, and hotels appeared on the sites of old houses.

Bastakiya must be visited to see the Arabic-style buildings live. The houses are separated by narrow streets, which are best traveled on foot. Climbing up to the roofs, you can admire the authentic quarter and watch the sunset with a cup of Arabic tea.

Hipster Alserkal

UAE is one of the best countries for children, but there you can also find activities for adults. Alserkal is an art space that appeared on the site of industrial warehouses in 2008. It often hosts contemporary art exhibitions, music and food festivals, and countless master classes. In Alserkal, you can shop in the showrooms of local designers, perform open mics and visit art galleries or gallery cafes. Here the famous Art Dubai fair and the Art Nights festival take place. The place is very similar to Meatpacking in New York.

There are 40 art venues on the territory of the Alserkal Avenue quarter, 20 of which are active expositions, including the Concrete multifunctional center. On the territory of Alserkal, there are galleries of Syrian artists Ayyam Gallery, the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation gallery with European post-minimalists, and the Green Art Gallery with artists from the Middle East.

Anything can be found in the Alserkal Avenue quarter. Chi-KA offers kimono-style abayas, while Ikon House, a Scandinavian design boutique, sells minimalist home furnishings. Vinyl records are available at The FlipSide Music Store, while handmade jewelry is available at Jewel Teller Boutique. By the way, The Fridge agency, which develops the musical culture of Dubai, is also located on the territory of the space.

Alserkal Avenue is open all year round with open-air cafes and restaurants. Gallery A4 has a working cafe and a cozy workspace. Alserkal Avenue art quarter hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year. You will certainly want to come back here again.

Theatrical Dubai

For high-quality ballets and operas, you need to go to Dubai Opera, which is located in the center of Dubai. In addition, various concert programs or exhibitions are held in the space. It is better to buy tickets on the website so as not to stand in line and not be left without a ticket. By the way, drinks can be added to the price. This is not only water and juices but also beer, wine, and whiskey.

There are three exciting theaters in the Al Quoz area: Madinat, Courtyard Playhouse, and Junction. Madinat, for example, often stages musicals, while the Courtyard Playhouse and Junction play improvised comedies, playbacks, and new versions of beloved classics. We advise you to visit these places and the most-see architectural wonders to see Dubai from a new perspective.

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