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The world is about mobility. This means that not only borders are daily crossed by millions of people but also that you need to travel safe with your dearest belongings. Only in the US, there are 450 million business trips every year (source: 

No matter if it is on a business trip or a personal travel, luggage is a very important topic. If you want to travel with style and still in the most practical way, you want to pay attention to your luggage. Several brands fight for the top 5 leading position but there is one brand that is out of any category and that is Henk. If James Bond would have a preferred travel gear brand, it would be Henk.  

Henk, a success story about luxury, details and uniqueness

Dissatisfied by the briefcases and hand luggage he used during his frequent trips around the world, a Dutch businessman called Henk decided to create something better. Much better. In his mind, the following:

  • Passion for details
  • World-class design
  • Finest materials

Of course Mr Henk would not necessary succeed alone to create an unique brand with such outstanding products. He assembled a team of the world’s most experienced designers and engineers to develop the ultimate in hand luggage without compromise.
It is true that someone passing by with a Henk travel case will be spotted out and people will admire his luggage. In a world in which all luggage are black, dark-blue and brown squares and rectangles, Henk travel cases will out stand from monotony and ordinary luggage.
It took around 10 years to obtain the perfect travel case. The result is extremely strong, yet exceptionally light, case which would not only be functional and very comfortable, but also a real eye-catcher.   

Henk proposes Intelligent travel cases. Functionality with style.

Henk travel cases are not only beautiful and practical, they are also clever with some quite unique features. Some of them, you end up wondering why nobody have not thought before. The first feature, one of my preferred is the retractable wheels. This is probably one of the biggest issue in luggage. How many times we put a lot of money in quality luggage and we end up with a broken wheel? Henk has an integrated telescopic handle that allows two large wheels to extend when the handle is raised. This system is patented and only available with HENK products.  

If you look to the wheels themselves, they are 16cm diameter wheels very stylish and the retractable feature allows to keep the surroundings clean whenever the wheels get dirty. The telescopic handle has also a very clever function while you are in a hotel room. You can use it as a room valet.
Henk travel cases are tremendously clever with details like:

  • Auxiliary side wheels to help in airplane alleys
  • Side compartment doors to help accessibility
  • 2 Top lids compartments
  • Removable interior wall
  • Anti-Theft chain to secure your belingings
  • Central locking system for safety




 There are many other details in each Henk case that would be worth talking about and you can discover all of them in the brand official website:

Henk travel cases are for sure not for every one. When you travel a lot, when you care about your personal belongings and that on top of it you wish to travel with style, then you need Henk. 



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