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Let’s face it, 2021 has a bitter “déjà-vu” aspect due to the ongoing pandemics. If we may find a positive aspect of this déjà-vu, is the fact that we are more organized and have a whole year background experience to face this new year with more options. Tourism is low and becomes very local and when we look at the Swiss Hotel industry, we realize that innovation becomes a key to success this year. SWISSPEAK Resorts provides enjoyable, emotion-filled holidays in traditional Swiss Alpine destinations. The residences are comfortable, modern, and eco-friendly with numerous services and activities for all tastes and ages. This year, they have launched a home-office offer that should allow you to keep the good work professionally and still enjoy amazing surroundings. Here is our full review.

SWISSPEAK Resorts, An Amazing Place to Relax And To Enjoy The Beauty Of Swiss Alps.

SWISSPEAK Resorts strives to offer simple and easy access to exceptional, authentic Swiss Alpine destinations. The residences in Zinal, Brigels, Meiringen and Vercorin are designed to provide an outstanding and fulfilling holiday experience. SWISSPEAK Resorts promises enriching holidays with a big plus.

To deliver on that promise SWISSPEAK Resorts is constantly innovating to offer more services, experiences and emotions. Each SWISSPEAK Resorts residence is designed to be an ideal living space where guests experience all the joys of a mountain holiday. SWISSPEAK Resorts is a modern, positive and responsible actor in mountain life. 

Each residence respects the architectural character of the Alps while using modern technologies and materials to reduce energy consumption. SWISSPEAK Resorts invests in local economies, using local suppliers for construction and daily operations.

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New Offer Of Home-Office In Vercorin: Keep Your Professional Activity In The Heart Of Swiss Alps

Today the word home-office is on everybody’s mouth. Pandemics is still here and people need to find innovative ways to stay safe and yet keep up with their professional activities. SWISSPEAK resorts offers a full proposal for home-office allowing all commodities so you will still feel at home. Comfortable apartments from the 2 people studio up to the larger accommodations for 8 people. This alternative will get you away from your city apartments and allow you to experience the beauty of Swiss Alps and still working professionally and in good conditions. To help professionals to maintain the level of work at its best, SWISSPEAK Resorts propose:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • One Computer screen
  • One Office chair
  • One Coffee machine
  • One conference meeting room (on reservation)
  • Free entry at the Spa, kids room and gaming room

SWISSPEAK Resorts offers additional services like restaurant, take away services directly from the apartments. With the stressful moments we are going through, relaxing is the key of everything. This is also possible at SWISSPEAK Resorts thanks to prepared spaces made to allow you chill-out (Vercorin and Meringen). Children will not be left aside, they will be able to enjoy children garden services (during high-season in Vercorin and Zinai) as well as the access to kids room and even a gaming room for teenagers.


While discovering this offer, we were lucky to interview Mr Sébastien Travelletti, CEO of SWISSPEAK resorts about this new offer. You can read the full interview here.

LuxuryActivist: Today you offer a “home-office” offer in the mountains at SWISSPEAK Resorts. What was the motivation for you to diversify in this way? What type of clientele is this aimed at?
Sébastien Travelletti:
Home-office has seen its price explode because of the pandemic and immediately, we wanted to give the opportunity to people cloistered in their city apartments to be able to come to the mountains while allowing them to continue their professional activity as long as that -It only requires a computer and a good internet connection. This offer is for all people who want a change of scenery, whether with family, duo or solo.


SWISSPEAK resorts are the ideal remote office to allow you to fulfil your professional missions and still enjoy the healthy natural landscape of the Swiss Alps. This is a fantastic idea as it allows SWISSPEAK Resorts to maintain its activity (and save jobs) as well as propose to reduce the anxiety-inducing aspect of the current situation. People will feel safe and stimulated by the picturesque surrounding of your new home-office location. Do not hesitate to visit the official website and ask for more information:

José Amorim
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