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While Pandemics is still out there and the Swiss hotel industry is struggling to maintain its business, some companies decided to innovate and propose new offers that should seduce their customers and even recruit new ones. It is the case of SWISSPEAK Resorts. Sébastien Travelletti is the company CEO and he accepted to play the game of our exclusive interview. Full text here below.

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LuxuryActivist (LA): Dear Mr Travelletti, looking at your professional background, we see that you are a great fan of mountains in general and the outdoor. How did this vocation is born?
Sébastien Travelletti (ST):
I grew up in the heart of Valais Switzerland, where the snow-capped peaks of the Valais Alps have always caught my attention. From an early age, I was lucky to be able to ski as often as possible. During my adolescence, ski racing punctuated all my free time before becoming a still present passion. Today I enjoy skiing for fun from the beginning of October at the base of the Matterhorn until the end of April.

LA: You have been the CEO of SWISSPEAK Resorts since 2018. What did you like about this adventure? What strategic direction have you given to the company since your arrival?
After having travelled for more than 10 years in ski resorts worldwide for an international company, I wanted to settle in Valais and share my professional experiences within a group of tourist residences whose vision and skills I share. values.
Tourism must reinvent itself and be an unforgettable experience. The main income of our destinations was based on the sale of real estate. Today, the changes brought about by the Lex Weber require the development of operational tourism. We must put our guests at the centre of our concerns. They are looking for quality services and above all a level of service that meets their expectations.


LA: SWISSPEAK Resorts offers holidays with “A Grand Plus”. What does this philosophy consist of?
Holidays should not be limited to renting accommodation but offer more services and experiences. Indeed, the customer experience has been designed to not have to worry about a thing during their holidays. Buying ski passes, equipment rental or even booking a ski lesson, everything is possible with one click via our mobile application.
SWISSPEAK Resorts offers a series of services with bar, restaurant, room service, spa & wellness, kids’ room, gaming room, etc. In terms of experiences, we also want to offer more like skiing accompanied by a former World Cup skier, initiation of climbing skiing (peau de phoque).

LA: We note particular efforts regarding sustainability (use of natural materials, working with locals, etc.) How are these values ​​important for SWISSPEAK Resorts?
Sustainable development is important to us and holds our full attention during new constructions. We take care, as much as possible, that the companies we employ are from the region and that the materials used come from local suppliers. Moreover, a world-first, our SWISSPEAK Resorts Zinal residence is equipped with the Anergy+ solution, which enables the production of heat, electricity and cooling in a 100% renewable and 100% sustainable manner.
At SWISSPEAK Resorts, we believe that tourism must be perfectly aligned with sustainable development so that everyone can enjoy what the Alpine Arc has to offer for a long time to come.

LA: Today you offer a “home-office” offer in the mountains at SWISSPEAK Resorts. What was the motivation for you to diversify in this way? What type of clientele is this aimed at?
Home-office has seen its price explode because of the pandemic and immediately, we wanted to give the opportunity to people cloistered in their city apartments to be able to come to the mountains while allowing them to continue their professional activity as long as that -It only requires a computer and a good internet connection. This offer is for all people who want a change of scenery, whether with family, duo or solo.

LA: For families with children, why is SWISSPEAK Resorts an interesting option?
Within a radius of 500m from the ski lifts, with everything nearby (grocery store, sports store or ski school), SWISSPEAK Resorts is specially designed for families. With a playroom for the little ones, a gaming room for teens and daycare services in high season, we make sure that the whole family has something for everyone. Parents can relax in the spa or in the wine bar.

LA: What can we wish you for in the future?
I think that health is essential in these short times, but also a good development of the SWISSPEAK Resorts brand, which should have ten residences by 2026.

SWISSPEAK Resorts has developed a full offer for home-office, that you can read our full review here. We wish Mr Sébastien Travelletti good luck and great success for the incoming year and beyond.

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