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Many people think you can only wear all-gold or all-silver jewelry. However, like mixing black and blue, wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time has come into fashion. To create a perfect overall look, you need to strategically plan your jewelry with your clothing, hairstyle, and other accessories.

Whether you have a 14k gold chain you always wear and want to test out some new silver earrings or prefer to layer different metal chains, here are some tips to styling the perfect gold and silver look.

Wear Combined Pieces

One of the best ways to bring together an outfit featuring gold and silver jewelry is by including a combined piece. This could be a watch with a silver and gold braided bracelet or a woven necklace with both metals.  

Especially if you have a statement combined piece, the other mixed metal jewelry won’t look like you put on the wrong earrings. Both your gold and silver pieces will match the combined piece, tying the whole outfit together.


Start Small 

If you are just dipping your toe in the mixed metals trend, start with smaller pieces and subtle pops of bling before building up to statement styles. 

Choose thin, delicate rings in gold and silver or a dainty mixed metal chain necklace. Alternatively, rather than trying mixed metals for all your accessories, choose one piece to experiment with, such as a chunky combined chain link bracelet. 


Focus on Style, Not Color

Instead of choosing your jewelry based on metal or color, select them based on style. You wouldn’t want to combine a sleek evening tennis bracelet with a chunky iced-out gold necklace, even though the metals match.

If you’re heading to a Michelin-starred restaurant, choose understated, elegant pieces. Women may want to include a piece featuring gems or diamonds, while men might select larger statement pieces. For a night out on the town, go with chunky or quirky pieces that play with texture. 

It helps to pick out your clothing before choosing your jewelry. You want to ensure your jewelry choice complements your outfit and vice versa. For an evening that requires a gown and heels, consider the color of your gown, the shape of your neckline, and whether you want your jewelry to outshine the dress. A gold chain for men may not be very visible in a formal outfit beneath a tie, meaning you should focus on choosing a watch and ring to complement their suit or tux. 

Don’t Match Your Wedding Ring

Many people have jewelry they always wear, whether that’s gold wedding rings or a diamond engagement ring. If you never take your rings off, some people think they must always wear metals that match their rings. Luckily, that’s not the case. Although you may want to style your wedding day jewelry to complement your new rings, once you’ve worn them for a while you won’t even notice they’re there.

Feel free to choose your jewelry based on your outfit or your mood of the day rather than your wedding rings.

The same rule applies to hardware on your accessories, jackets, or clothing, such as zippers, buckles, or snaps. Unless the hardware is meant to be the centerpiece of the outfit, you don’t need to worry about matching your jewelry to the stainless steel snaps on your shirt. However, if you have a favorite statement belt buckle made of sterling silver and turquoise, you’ll want to consider it a piece of jewelry rather than hardware.

Be Consistent Through Your Outfit

Having a single piece of gold jewelry styled with several silver items may look messy or unintentional. Try to repeat both metals at least once more throughout your look to create a stylized and intentional outfit. For example, if you have a gold bracelet and a combined metal watch, you could pick some dangling silver earrings, a gold necklace, and a big silver ring. 

Men who want to mix metals could choose a silver watch, a combined necklace, a gold ring, and silver cufflinks. 

The goal when mixing jewelry should always be to have an even number of both metals represented. Having too many of one could make the look appear lopsided or unfinished. 


Layers Work

Just like with clothing, you can layer your necklaces. Try wearing a longer gold chain with a shorter silver chain layered over one or two chains of equal length, with one thinner than the other. Playing with thickness and texture can also help you bring out the idea of layers, creating even more contrast. 

You can also layer bracelets, especially if you have bangles. These come in various colors and metals, and you can mix and match them as you please. Having several gold and silver options on your wrist will look stylish and unique.

The stacking trick also works with thin rings. Stack two or three on one finger, alternating silver and gold. Try to use the same model of ring but in different metals, or at least find rings that fit together or look similar. Stacking them gives the impression that you have a single, textured ring with multiple metals.

Mix and Match Your Outfit

To add another level to your jewelry combinations, consider mixing colors and textures in your outfit as well. Try combining a dark blue shirt with brown pants or black jeans and tall brown riding boots. Women could layer a jean jacket, with its rougher texture, over a smooth silk shirt to give an outfit more dimension. 

However, try not to make the outfit too busy. Polka dots and plaid clash too much, as do certain shades of purple or red. 

Experiment and Have Fun

If you’ve got pieces you never wear because you usually wear all-gold or all-silver jewelry, it’s time to bring them out. For those who want to indulge in a new piece, you can purchase a new combined metal watch or necklace to start your collection. 

Not every combination of jewelry will work, but some might surprise you. Try them with different outfits, accessories, and jackets to see what you like. 

If you’re still not sure after modeling for yourself, test out your new style by meeting some friends at a bar or going on a date night with your partner. They’ll love your new look, and you’ll gain confidence when mixing metals. 

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