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Last night it was NIGHT OF THE BRANDS at Jelmoli, the luxury department store in Zürich. A very happy few celebration in which Jelmoli showed its know how on putting on stage luxury brands. After a welcome cocktail, Luxuryactivist team was first row to discover a very hip and trendy fashion show. Jelmoli wanted to show a selection of Brands they display at the store by creating different looks. Some brands were new to Jelmoli others were well established at the Department store. We could see brands like Kangaroo, Piu Piu, Furry, Cinzia Rocca or Maison Scotch. Of course there were many others and the art of Jelmoli, as House of the brands, is to be like a film director and roll-out the storyboard.

All the influent fashion and beauty press were present as well as celebrities like Didier Cuche, the famous swiss sportsman. Here are some exclusive minutes of the fashion show.

A very generous show, more than 5 minutes with women and men’s wear. We spotted out 5 main themes for this season at Jelmoli.

The daring choice of color for this winter. Blues, reds, greens and pinks get a new layer to reveal different facets, different light effects and to highlight fabrics, shapes and movements.

We saw several looks with daring colorful allure. We rediscover textures and materials thanks to a new vision. All these colors tend to warm up the allure for a cosy winter.

This one is one of the editors choice. Jelmoli completely reviewed the look of the 70’s by giving to it a more active and cosmopolitan aspect. Fur blends with wools and leather to give a very high-pitched look. A modern Brigitte Bardot’s for urban travelers.

An elegant exercice of rediscovering the glamourous silhouette of a modern woman. All is an invitation to wrap yourself into amazing materials, wool, cashmere, fur… A timeless femininity for a contemporary look.

A man moves, shakes, runs, turns, jumps…. all day long. The modern gentleman wishes to be comfortable, at ease yet elegant and fit. This active elegance is the key for men’s fashion this season.

And finally here is my highlight of the evening.

This dress is like a gold fire. It highlights the woman’s silhouette, makes you feel sexy yet very chic.  The perfect choice for a new year’s party or cocktail.

So if you are in Zürich, Jelmoli is definetely the place to be for your fashion shopping.
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