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JM Weston has an amazing history and a great heritage in which Michel Perry, the Artistic Director of the Manufacture, draws his inspiration. Michel Perry not only creates all the product collections but he is also completely invested into the stores interior design. The French luxury house has been revamping its stores in order to rewrite the Brand universe into a more contemporary and adapted environment. In September JM Weston reopened its store in Geneva and this time, it is the Madeleine – Paris store that got a new look.


JM Weston, the temple for elegance.

Every JM Weston boutique has its own universe and its own story. Michel Perry, tries to be inspired by the city in which the store is located and by the spirit of the store itself. His ambition is to bring a true elegant ambience to each location, transforming the existing stores in true contemporary temples dedicated to elegance. Different elements are important to the eyes of the Artistic Director. First, the materials used to build the interior design. Each material will remind the universe of the brand: leather, wood, glass, metal… It is the perfect place to display beautiful shoes and leather accessories.



JM Weston La Madeleine, the Parisian spirit.

According to Mr Cédric Dauch, head of Communications at JM Weston, the Madeleine store universe was reshaped as a stylish Parisian Haussmanian apartment. You can see the ceiling moldings, the interesting volumes and of course the interior decoration. All elements that translate the French chic with a touch of timeless modernity. We can sense that every space was created with a specific purpose and in general, there is a soft atmosphere that welcomes you in a very elegant and gentle manner.


JM Weston is doing a great work in reshaping different stores around the world. Part of this remodeling allows each store to welcome a better space for the “Special orders”. It is a VIP space dedicated to bespoke shoes. Customers have the access to an almost endless sorts of combinations between different types of leather, colors, shapes and different other details. A pair of JM Weston shoes will last you a minimum of a decade, so it might be worth the investment to a personalized choice. So if you decide to treat yourself as it should, here are some figures that might convince you:

  • 180 different leathers
  • 46 colors
  • More than 100 customizable shoe styles
  • 7 lining colors and 20 types of soles
  • 25 perforation motives

JM Weston bespoke shoes

After choosing all the options, your perfect pair of shoes will be carefully manufactured at the Limoges (France) Manufacture and it will take 10 weeks to have it done. It is less than 3 month which is pretty outstanding when you know there are hundreds of steps to make a perfect shoe. This is the know how of JM Weston and this is why they are so proud to highlight it in their stores.


Between a private lounge and a curious cabinet, from the first minutes that you will enter the store you will feel the pleasant and yet exciting ambience of a true universe. To visit the store, here is the address:

J.M. Weston
1-3, Boulevard de la Madeleine
75001 Paris

You can also visit the brand official website to learn more about the brand and about the product catalog. Here is the url:

Customers can enjoy the space decorated by Michel Perry as they design the shoes, leather goods of their dreams, immersing themselves in a brand backed by unparalleled know-how.



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