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After a long period of renovation and a brilliant reveal of last year Christmas windows with Vanessa Paradis and Karl Lagerfeld, we see that Le Printemps became THE Parisian destination for luxury shopping in France.



Le Printemps was founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot and Jean-Alfred Duclos. Jules Jaluzot was considered as a “self-made” man. He was one of the biggest entrepreneurs of that time, very charismatic and social. After learning the business at Le Bon Marché, he gets married with Augustine Figeac in 1864.


She is a member of La Comédie Française and she brings to the couple a quite big dowry of 300,000 francs. Thanks to this money, he can create with Jean-Alfred Duclos the french department store Le Printemps on November 3rd 1865.

To remind the different inauguration dates:

  • Le Bon Marché: 1838
  • BHV: 1856
  • Le Printemps: 1865
  • La Samaritaine: 1869
  • Les Galeries Lafayette: 1895

Le Printemps has a great history of innovation and modernity. The original building is expanded in 1874 and elevators were installed which was a great innovation at that time. They were the same presented for the first time at the 1867 Universal Exhibition.


Figures of the Four Seasons were scupted by french artist Henri Chapu. Rebuilt after a fire in 1881, the store became proudly the first Department store with electric lighting. It was also the first Department store in Paris to have a direct access to the subway after its inauguration in 1904.

In this year, Jaluzot is replaced by Gustave Languionie as the business almost collapsed.

A remarkable feature of the Haussmann store is an elaborate cupola above the main restaurant in the store, installed during the 1923 reconstruction. In 1939, to avoid the risk that it would be destroyed in bombing attacks, the cupola was dismantled and stored.

In the beginning of the 70’s, the oil crisis brings down the french economy and Le Printemps becomes a corporation acquired by the Maus Frères Group. Led by Jean-Jacques Delort, the firm changes of strategy and creates specialty stores and Brands like Armand Thierry (clothes), Disco (food) and La Redoute (mail).

All Le Printemps businesses were acquiered by François Pinault in 1991 and merged with other holding into Pinaud-Printemps-Redoute, well known as PPR group. It brought a new dimension to Le Printemps, focusing more into beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and men’s wear.


In 2006, PPR sells several of its luxury activities and Le Printemps is sold to the Italian group Borletti.  Since then, Le Printemps stepped into a path of high-end luxury and the aim of Le Printemps is to become THE DESTINATION for luxury and lifestyle shopping in Europe.

Today’s CEO is Paolo Di Cesare, and his goal is to poursuit the transformation of Printemps.


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