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Longchamp opened a new Flagship store in the prestigious address of Champs Elysées in Paris (France). This new store represents all the Brand savor-faire at its best. It has a surface area of 500 m2 spread over two floors. The store presents all of house’s collections, including ready to wear and shoes as well as men’s collections, luggage and all of Longchamp’s iconic bags. This new space continues many of the themes and materials seen in Longchamp store openings across the world since 2010.

Longchamp, a tradition that builds the future of luxury in France.

Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. The company is still owned by the founder’s family which makes it unique in today’s luxury business. At the start, Longchamp was a Tobacco company selling leather accessories. In 1971, when the company launched the first handbag, it settled the initial steps of a success story. Still in 1971, Longchamp launches their first nylon bag. The “Xtra-bag” was considered revolutionary and would serve as the precursor to Le Pliage.


In 1978 was the end of all smoking accessories. After selling more than one million pipes around the world, Longchamp decided to refocus its activities into more fashionable leather bags and accessories. From there, the French luxury brand developed an amazing path, from international expansion to a wider range of products in the Longchamp catalog. The Pliage bag became an absolute icon, easily recognizable every where in the world. Today, Longchamp is distributed in some one hundred countries through a network of around 1,800 retail stores, company-owned boutiques and franchises, department store concessions, multi-brand fine leather goods dealers, airport shops and on-line sales. The group directly manages 236 Longchamp Boutiques through 18 distribution subsidiaries. France is the biggest market which represents around one-third of sales. Longchamp is managed today by the 2nd and 3rd generations of the family:

  • Philippe Cassegrain, President
  • Michèle Cassegrain, Director of Boutiques
  • Jean Cassegrain, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director
  • Olivier Cassegrain, Director USA Boutiques

Champs-Elysée, the new Longchamp temple of fashion and elegance


In common with Longchamp’s other flagship stores, the Champs Elysees store features a specially commissioned artwork. From a series called “Cloud Illusions”, the sculpture by Danish artist Astrid Krogh is bending light and texture and forming a focal point of the store.


When you walk around inside the store, you recognize the artistic universe of the brand and you feel comfortable as there is a perfect balance between wide spaces and small corners. Having the split between two floors, it also makes you feel inside a very stylish house or loft. Everything is very modern, bright and highlights the beauty of the products.

Longchamp-Elysees-accessories Longchamp-Elysees-stairs-view Longchamp-Elysees-store-firs-floor

Longchamp CEO, and grandson of the House’s founder, Jean Cassegrain says of the opening : ” This store opening is marking a big step in our history and is particularly exciting for us on an emotional level. Paris is our home. It is where the Longchamp brand began and is an important part of our heritage. In many ways the personality of Paris is also a reflection of Longchamp – vibrant, stylish, elegant, ever-changing yet constant, exciting and surprising.”

If you wish to visit the store, here is the address. Do not hesitate to call if you are looking for a specific product, so you will be sure to find what you might be looking for:

Longchamp – Flagship store Champs Elysées
77, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 PARIS
Tel : (+33)153762776

Do not hesitate to visit the official brand website as well, in which you will discover the entire brand universe and product catalog. They also have an entire section of the website dedicated to ideas for gifts, which might be quite valuable during this holiday season:

Longchamp is a French luxury brand that is a true ambassador for the country everywhere in the world. The Brand represent the timeless elegance that you would expect from a luxury house. More than never, Longchamp is at the front line of modernity and fashion.



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