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Switzerland harbours an anthology of talents. And when two beautiful Swiss stories meet, the result can only be wonderful. Discover the perfect-match collaboration between the fantastic Swiss artist Phanee de Pool and the sculptural watch brand Claude Meylan.

Phanee de Pool and Claude Meylan find themselves in their Swiss worlds, quirky, have common roots and understand each other in their way of doing things: a niche, different and original work.

Photo: Claude Meylan

From their meeting was born a watch mixing their art: the artist’s recognizable silhouette appears discreetly at 5 o’clock, and the buttons of his uniform elegantly replace the hour numerals. The skeletonized movement is dressed by black hands, edged in gold. As for the black leather strap, it highlights the piece in a very sober way.

Out of this new watch, we can sense a true vibration. Every element is perfectly crafted, and no details are left aside. There is a modern harmony in this watch, and the story behind it is elegant, young, modern and sexy.

What we can appreciate in this watch is the fact we see both identities represented. On one side, we can see the outstanding skeletonize work by Claude Meylan that highlights each essential element of this mechanical watch. On the other side, we recognize the sharp style of Phanee de Pool, between modern poetry and rhythm.

Photo: Claude Meylan
Photo: Claude Meylan
Photo: Claude Meylan
Photo: Claude Meylan

The watch back-case is configured with a full sapphire glass back, and it helps reveal the beauty of the movement, skeletonized by Claude Meylan. The UT 6497 calibre is a robust and well-manufactured movement, and Claude Meylan’s skeletonization art takes this calibre to the next level of watchmaking mastering. The manual winding movement presents a 42 hours power reserve and showcases specific engravings, especially the Phanee de Pool iconic signature. In terms of functions, the watch provides hours, minutes and seconds. The watch is water-resistant up to 30m, which is perfect for your daily adventures.

Do not hesitate to visit either Phanee de Pool or Claude Meylan’s respective websites to discover more about this collaboration:

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