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A while ago we discovered an amazing jewelry brand called PietraDura. This fall, they launched a great collection called “Clair Obscur” which in french means “Clear Darker”. When art meets jewelry, the result is always outstanding.

With this fall collection, PietraDura is loyal to its DNA and provides an unique signature between excellence in know-how and modernity.

Clair Obscur plays once more with Rainbow stones that are set  in black jewelry. Looking at this amazing collection, the effect is, as the brand says, like a sfumato. Playing with shadows and light, certain details are revealed and others hidden, just for the pleasure of our eyes.


PietraDura Manchette Taboo



This amazing piece is a yellow Gold and blackened silver bracelet. The central cabochon contains a beautiful Aquamarine and the other secondary cabochons are made with tourmaline and set with yellow gold. It is an unique piece.

PietraDura Bonbon rings



This limited edition of 3 rings is made with yellow gold and blackened silver. They are all hand-hammered which makes ech piece different from each other. Amazing. The central cabochon are made with sunstone and the side one with tourmaline. All set on  yellow gold.

PietraDura Crocodile Dandy rings



These 2 rings made with blackened silver and tourmaline cabochons, have an incredible effect. By wearing them,  nobody will be indifferent to it’s charm. Limited edition.

PietraDura Kaa rings



These amazing rings are like temptation red eyed snakes that will conquer your heart. They represent an outstanding craftsmanship made with blackened silver and set with yellow gold. Cabochons in tourmaline st with yellow gold. Limited edition.

When art meets passion, the result is always “out of this world”.



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