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This year, the holiday season will be even more ecologically responsible, authentic and aesthetic with Ruinart. The prestigious champagne house supports a new conscious luxury and the new art of gifting. This holiday season you will be seduced by this edgy look, still the marvellous champagne inside. To celebrate Christmas and New year’s eve, Ruinart wishes to promote a new art of gifting that is more conscious, by bringing the second skin case into the limelight.

Ruinart Second Skin, A New Art Of Gifting

Set to revolutionize the gift-box and cases market, the packaging is eco-designed, uses zero plastic and is 100% recyclable. The cellulose used, in this case, composed of 100% natural wood fibres, solves two fundamental challenges. The first was to ensure the casing is impermeable to light, in order to prevent light strike. Lightstrike occurs when a wine is exposed to blue and ultraviolet light, resulting in the transformation of the wine quality. The second challenge was to ensure that the packaging would protect and serve the wine right up until tasting. This meant the material must be water-resistant for several hours, even when fully submerged in an ice bucket. With sustainability in mind, the water which is indispensable to the cutting process is drawn from the site, 91% of this water is clean enough to be released back into the river. Half of the remaining 9% evaporates during the drying process of the pulped paper with the other half forming part of the natural humidity of the case.


A Beautiful Idea With A Thoughtful Approach

Ruinart spent about two years of research and development. The first challenge was to create a perfectly molded case to the curves of the Ruinart iconic bottle. The form was cut by using water jet machinery, which allows to use a precise and renewable source of energy. The packaging contains unique details in terms of design: unique finish inspired by Ruinart’s historical cellars. Above all, the new packaging preserves the integrity of the Ruinart unique taste until consumption. Why the Ruinart Second Skin is a great innovation?

  • First of all, it is made of a single material, 100% paper, which is easy to recycle with other paper waste.
  • It provides 60% fewer carbon emissions than previous generations of gift-boxes.
  • 91% of the water used is clean and can go back to the river it originally came from
  • It is made of wood fibres from eco-managed European forests.
  • Zero air-freight policy
  • Nine times lighter than previous generations of gift-boxes (less used raw material)
  • Made in Europe (UK)

When I brought the Ruinart Second skin into the Christmas eve party, the first thing that stroke everybody was the elegant look. The bottle did not go unnoticed. It is a multi-sensorial experience: the touch, the look and all the details you can discover by observing closely the design.


Ruinart Blanc de Blancs: a tasting experience

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is by far one of the exceptional existing champagnes. Chardonnay is the very soul of Ruinart. The grape, mainly harvested from the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims terroirs, is at the heart of all our cuvées. This blend is 100% Chardonnay from various years (comprising 25 to 30% reserve wines from the previous two years). The wines come from a large majority of Premiers Crus from the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims vineyards for aromatic refinement, supplemented by Sézannais wines known to provide maturity.

The first thing that strikes when you taste the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is its beautiful pale golden yellow colour with gentle green reflections. It is a vibrant, luminous colour. We see as well a very active effervescence with a persistent release of bubbles. Then comes the tasting. I like this specific champagne because it is very intense in the nose from the start. Fresh citrus notes provide a burst of dazzling modern light. Once you let the flavours evolve, we sense very refined floral notes of white flowers and fruits (white peach and pineapple). It is intense but round. The vinosity is present but not excessive. It is rich but fresh. All these contrasts reflect tremendous know-how perpetuated from one generation to another.


Ruinart Second Skin, the Opinion of a specialist in eco-responsibility

In order to complete the review of Ruinart Second skin, LuxuryActivist asked the opinion of Bénédicte Ouvrard, specialized in eco-responsibility at Groupe Arto (specialized in the recycling of Cell phones). She experienced the Ruinart Second skin during Christmas eve and her feedback is very positive.


When talking with Ms Ouvrard about the new eco-responsible packaging, she is 100% positive about the initiative. Ruinart managed to create an elegant, luxury and yet eco-responsible packaging for this holiday season. She was completely seduced by experience. She explains that Ruinart is for her a true reference in terms of champagne to celebrate any good special occasion like the Holiday season. The new packaging makes it even more special.

We can only congratulate Ruinart for the great initiative and we hope to see the luxury champagne house pursuit this approach in the future.

José Amorim
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