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You can call them bloggers, influencers, social media beasts, the new celebrities are not top models, singers or movie stars, they are from the web. Some of them are young, others are older. is there an age limit to be a blogger? What is the ideal age? Here are some answers.

Less than 20 years old, you are a beauty beast.

If you are a blogger younger than 20 years old, it means that you are probably better with instagram than writing. Your generation came in a moment in which the world wide web is not free anymore. If you wish to have visibility on Google, you need to pay. Do you want to reach your Facebook fans? You need to pay. So unless you invest several hundreds of dollars per month, you will devote your time to build your instagram feed. The only place still available for free. So many new bloggers will not even have a blog. They will be a social media beast with dozens of thousands of followers if it is not more.
Last time I spoke with a young blogger, she told me:

“why should I spend my time and money in writing a 1000 words article, so nobody would see it? Instead it will take me 5 minutes to take a picture, choose the right filter and caption and post it to Instagram. i will get 500 likes in 2 hours.”

It would be hard to talk about Teen-bloggers without talking about Tavi Gevinson, the queen of teen bloggers. She started her blog at the age of 11. She talked about everything fashion she should read on magazines, especially Teen Vogue, Vogue and the New York Times… Yes she was only 11 years old Now at 17 years old she has already developed her own line of t-shirts and she is really very active with her blog Rookie.

Less than 40 years old, you are an expert or a socialite.

If you are between 20 to 40 years old, probably you are either an expert in your domain or you are an intense socialite. You like to meet people and love to be invited to events. You have probably a first good job but like to meet people in another industry after work. So blogging became a way to expand your network and sometimes to find great opportunities for a job. This is the case of Kristina Bazan. She started her blog at 18 years old. Now at 23 years old, she moved from Switzerland to Los Angeles and she is everywhere. From Milano, New York and Paris fashion weeks, to amazing luxury experiences, Kristina Bazan and her website Kayture, became a true image machine. With more than 2 million followers on her social networks, she is a good blend of a socialite and a fashion expert. Probably she is both.

More than 40 years old, you are depressed or you are not a blogger anymore.

After 40 years old, we tend to say about bloggers that either they are depressed or they become a professional blogger. Some of them are true passionate people who pursuit their passion and share it online. After 40 you will need to find quite a lot of time to still blog. You have children and a family of your own, you might take the time over your sleep, or you have at least 2 hours a day of transport. You might also take over your evenings but your wife or husband might complain. In case you are free like the wind. you might compensate that hole in your personal live by an intense blogging activity. You can also be very passionate about a specific topic and you like to experience situations or opportunities to meet great people and fill your free-time with great experiences. It sounds a bit caricatural but there is a lot of truth on this. Probably because I am over 40 🙂 Something interesting to underline is that all the first real bloggers are now over 40 years old. So either they kept blogging but not sure how big their website still is, or they moved to Instagram and Twitter and keep most of their activity there. We could talk about Garance Doré, who went from a simple fashion blogger to a online shop and even a customer service offer. So she became professional which means she blogs for business.

Over 60 years old… just stop. It is time to get a real life 🙂

If you are over 60 years old, well… probably you are either living your passion or there is not much in your life. In any case you should get away from the web and try to do something real. The digital life helps to connect to several people but at the end, you should spend more time with your grand children, your friends or even your companion. You can for sure  become a phenomenon like Melissa , a vlogger on youtube who posts beauty tips.

Probably you might not want to face the camera anymore, so just enjoy life and try something different than a youtube camera or a wordpress page. At the end you might even shut down your website as not many people write anymore.

No matter if you are an Instagram star, a Vlogger or simply a blogger, you find yourself with the challenge of getting older. At one point, either you go pro or you go… well you just go. Since the moment Google and Facebook decide who has visibility and how much you should pay for it, you cannot just keep blogging as usual. You meed something more, or you need to stop. At one point it will get hard to balance your personal and professional life. In any case this is all a matter of passion and sharing.

José Amorim

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